Monday, October 3, 2016

Weak September in the United States: Tesla sold more than the VW NEWS

Monday, 03. October 2016

A cold Wind blows against the German car manufacturers in the United States: In the vast Car market, one of the most important in the world, sluggish sales, with the beginning of autumn. Almost all of the major manufacturers report declining sales figures.


New sales figures from the US: The US consumer buying in September, while the car apparently held back. The Industry heavyweights General Motors (GM), Ford and Fiat Chrysler, reported the start of the week, respectively, significant declines in the sales figures for the past month. This points to the increasingly clear that the Boom of China’s second-largest car market in the world has passed its peak.

The crisis of the exhaust-scandal-torn German manufacturer VW in the USA. The wolf Burger sold 24.112 cars with the Volkswagen Logo, as the company announced with a view on the core brand of the group. The were 7.8 percent fewer than a year earlier. It is the eleventh month, with a fall in Sales was already in a row.

In the shadow of the exhaust-scandal

The Dax group had imposed in the USA after the news of the affair to manipulated the exhaust gas values a sell stop for diesel cars, the already weak sales have dampened. The Premium subsidiary Audi, however, remains on course for growth and 1.6 percent more cars in the US was in September-customers.

The sports car maker Porsche, also part of the VW group – was able to sell in September, 1.2 percent more cars to U.S. customers. Also, the upper-class competitor, Daimler managed a sales increase: The Stuttgart reported, including the Smart brand, an increase of 3.1 percent.

dream rival to BMW at the moment. The U.S. sales shrank by 5.2 per cent to 29 413 cars, the group said. The small Mini car cutting with a decline of 8.8 percent, down moved. For Bayern, it is already the tenth month of declining U.S. sales.

At the US market leader GM’s sales fell by 0.6 percent, rival Ford reported a big decline of 8.1 percent. Also, thanks to its in the USA, popular Jeeps and Pick-up Trucks, accustomed to success, competitor Fiat Chrysler sold this time, one percent less.

The major Japanese suppliers to Toyota and Nissan sold, however, 1.5 and 4.9 percent more cars. Analysts expect that the long time of cheap gas and cheap financing interest rates fueled the U.S. market in the next few months will continue to cool.

388 Cars more than VW

The electric car maker Tesla has been able to expand its production in the third quarter significantly and its sales massively increase. Overall, the company of the dazzling Tech billionaire Elon Musk delivered according to the message from the weekend 24.500 cars – and thus more than industry giant VW.

The Tesla at the same time, around 70 per cent more than in the same period last year. After initial difficulties in the production of the since the autumn of 2015-available electric-SUV “Model X” brought Tesla now 8700 piece of this coveted model to the clientele. The lion’s share of the business with a 15.800, deliveries continue to be on the luxury sedan “Model S”.

More about

for More 5500 cars were currently on the way to the customer and would be in the sales figures for the fourth quarter, said Tesla. After two disappointing quarters of relatively weak growth, the results imply a tailwind for Musk and his ambitious goals.

the end of the new cars boom?

The Star-entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley want to drive the production up to 2018 to 500,000, and by 2020, one Million vehicles per year. In the third quarter, Tesla produced 25.185 cars, which were 37 per cent more than in the previous quarter. An important building block in Musks Plan is the “Model 3″, the first middle class car of Tesla is supposed to starting in 2017 to the mass market.

The US car market has seen since the end of the last great crisis, it is now about six years of steady growth. Last year the industry made in the USA with a total of 17.5 million new vehicles sold-record sales. Analysts expect the long time of cheap gas and cheap financing interest rates fueled the U.S. market in the next few months will continue to cool.




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