Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuifly in a tandem flight with Etihad – Frankfurter Neue Presse


The world’s largest tourism group, Tui makes a catch behind his German airline Tuifly. The holiday flyer from Hanover to merge into a new holding company. According to information from the negotiating circles, it is the Arab Airline Etihad. The Poker to the heavily indebted airline, Air Berlin, Etihad’s major shareholder, opened the travel group, the door for the reorganization. For the mid-2007 from the low-cost airlines HLX and Hapagfly resulting Tuifly the solution means the end of independence.

The Tuifly as a classic season-Airline with established structures and direct flights to without any turnstiles was not prepared for the group only joy. Because the classic Charter business in the summer, even in Winter, compensated. The travel giant has the Problem in the main season and in the off-season, to many planes. Some of the Jets average age of just under six years – served at this time of year in Canada.

The group evaluates the emerging solution with a new group of 60 aircraft as an opportunity. After all, he solves for his complete merger with the former British subsidiary Tui Travel now another Problem with the conversion to a fully integrated group of companies. This is because of the British Tui subsidiary, the Airline is a part of the society, was the Tuifly, Tui Germany has grown to a private company.

Tuifly-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Henrik Homann wrote to the staff: “The substantial Overcapacity in the flight market and about the market, the cost structure for Tuifly have for years have a direct impact on the success and the result of the Tui Germany.” Flight services for the tourist offer could be bought at competitors are often considerably cheaper than you can offer Tuifly. Homann: “This is to the detriment of the economy and the income of the source market Germany.”

For the employees and the Management according to the current state of the Negotiations, after all, a kind of grandfathering: The current tariff structure will also apply after the planned Integration for Tuifly employees. The employee representatives are not or too late from the run but against the plans of a storm, yesterday lifted due to “Crew shortages” many of the Tuifly-holiday flyer.

From the point of view of the tourism group still speaks a different point for the preferred Option: Should Air Berlin, despite reconstruction in an uncontrolled manner to the ground, would also be the Tuifly the one to suffer. Tuifly has provided Air Berlin once 14 Boeing 737. This, in the jargon, Wet-Lease is called the lease contract includes not only the aircraft but also maintenance, insurance and crew. The crews fly in the past, the Tuifly-machines with the Air Berlin Logo on the tail in the Air-Berlin-uniforms, even though you receive your salary from the Tuifly. For the company, with its total of 41 Jets of this contract was a lucrative one – the Hanoverian left, Air Berlin, therefore, no longer out.

The unrest, which triggered the speculation among the workforce, come to a time in the Tui parent company, delivers positive headlines again. Duty releases have pointed to the piecemeal increase in the shareholding of the single largest shareholder of the Russian Investor Alexei Mordashov,. Its shares are expected to now be at 19 percent. Observers assume that he wants to rebuild his former blocking minority of 25 percent plus one share, which had been reduced after the complete merger with Tui Travel.


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