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The richest German: Quandt in front of Reimann, Schaeffler, Aldi and Black – MIRROR ONLINE

With a joint capacity of 30 billion Euro, the siblings Stefan Quandt and Susanne Klatten in the year 2016, the richest Germans. The results of the latest estimate of the assets of the 500 richest Germans, the manager magazine published in its new issue.

The two half of the shares belongs to just under BMW Chart show. In the past twelve months, the carmaker was able to demonstrate to the stock exchange for the loss of value in the Wake of the diesel affair of the rival Volkswagen Chart. Therefore, the assets of the Quandt siblings reached after a slump in 2015 the level of 2014.

newcomer of the year, the Reimann’s. The capital from the Ludwigshafen chemical company Benckiser took the family to launch an aggressive acquisition strategy. In a few years, the Reimann’s have created a veritable coffee-Empire. In the spring, they took over the US company Keurig Green Mountain for 12.8 billion euros.

The richest German – here is an Overview:

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The Reimann’s repressed Georg and Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler, owner of the eponymous bearing manufacturer and major shareholders in auto supplier Continental, on place three. Mother and son Schaeffler come on assets of 21.5 billion euros – a Plus of EUR 1.5 billion compared to the previous year.

Less dynamic the assets of the owners of the two discount groups Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord, which took place one of the richest-list subscribed to by 2013 quasi. With assets of 20 billion euros, the families, the Albrecht and Heister (Aldi Süd) are in first place in four, the family of Theo Albrecht Jr. (Aldi Nord) with 17.2 billion euros in sixth place.

wealth of the richest grew to a total of about 692 billion euros

the business model depends on the Stagnation hardly, because at the same time your biggest competitor, Dieter Schwarz, founder of the discount chain Lidl was able to multiply his assets sharply and now ranks with an estimated 19 billion euros – an increase of two billion Euro on place five. The Black-and-controlled retail group aims for a turnover of 100 billion euros.

For the rank list were share the assets with the Closing prices from the 15. September is calculated. Thanks mainly to high company valuations and the ongoing Boom in the real estate market the assets of the 500 richest Germans has grown in the past twelve months, 5.9 percent to a total of 692,25 billion euros. This is more than the gross domestic product of the Netherlands 2015, which is among the largest economies in the world place 17 documents.

The 500 richest Germans


half of The Top Ten has placed their assets in foundations, including the Albrechts, Black, the Hamburg-based retailer the Otto family and the künzel dealer Reinhold Würth Screws mad. The family foundations manage the company and to transfer funds to the families with distributions. Among the 500 richest Germans, more than 40 large parts of its assets transferred to a trust.

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