Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Union criticised Sigmar Gabriel’s scolding for Deutsche Bank – SPIEGEL ONLINE

With his critique of the German Bank, German economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) is meeting opposition to the coalition partners. The Chairman of the Union group in the Finance Committee of the Bundestag, Hans Michel Bach, dismissed Gabriel’s Statements to the “Handelsblatt” as “quite counterproductive”.

Gabriel had declared during his visit to Iran on Sunday: “I knew if I should laugh or be angry that the Bank, which has made the speculation gains to the business model, explained-now the victim of speculators.” And more: “I’m Worried about the people who show up at the Deutsche Bank Chart busy.”

“As a German Minister of economy has the task to promote the German business location and to talk to individual participants in the market badly,” said Michelbach. Germany need a German Bank, as an export nation for its economic performance. Similar to other Union politicians.

Previously, had made German-Bank-chief John Cryan speculators for the crash of the stock price responsible. They wanted to weaken the confidence in the Institute. The consequences of low interest rates and the increasingly stringent rules by the Supervisory authorities weigh heavily on the transactions of the Institute. New speculation about a Capital shortfall and possible state aid have sent the shares in the past few weeks, into a decline.

“the President of the Republic, the Institute, better even two”

The economic policy spokesman of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Joachim Pfeiffer (CDU), criticized Gabriel’s words in the “Handelsblatt” as “of little help”. Gabriel was not only the SPD Chairman, but also the economy Minister. In this role, he expect Gabriel to keep the meaning of the German banking for the German economy.

“the President of the Republic, the Institute, better two, for the monitoring and development and for international engagement of the German economy”, said the CDU politician. He will not do, therefore, just as Gabriel is concerned about the employees of the German Bank, but also to the German economy.

“On the Bank it forcibly, while it is in a phase of consolidation, is not wise, this is cheap,” said Union group Vice Michael Fuchs (CDU) in the “Passauer Neue Presse” (“PNP”). There were things in the case of the German Bank, which had to criticize, “but to use a trip abroad, is not a good style. The economy Minister abused his office to make party policy.”

approval for the Minister of the economy came from the Green. “Gabriel’s right: A Bank that comes through their criminal operations of the investment bankers in difficulties, you can complain bad about speculators,” said Gerhard Schick, financial policy spokesman of the Greens group in the Bundestag, the “PNP”.

unlike Gabriel suggested this to be the situation, however, is “not funny”, so Chic. It is the question of why the SPD had achieved in the government’s “nothing” to, for example, with a two-tier banking law, towards a splitting up of big banks.


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