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Opportunities for Kaiser’s playful – THE WORLD

Das Washes to Kaiser’s Tengelmann. The Union Ver.di tried on Friday, again, the bickering leaders of the food chains to bring Edeka and Rewe on a table. For months, they deliver a battle for the supermarket chain.

German economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) has appealed to the rival to make a serious effort to reach an agreement. Finally, at the end of the self-imposed deadline for a compromise on Monday. Whether the attempt comes on the weekend to a final agreement, however, remained doubtful. Only on the eve of all sides declared negotiations on possibilities for failure. The Rewe and two other companies to court, blocked the Minister’s permission for the Takeover of the Emperor's through the market leader Edeka can not be completed in order to continue. On Thursday evening, Tengelmann’s owner, Karl-Erivan Haub announced that it is now in the smashing: Kaiser’s Tengelmann will be sold in packages or processed. According to earlier information, the 8000 is still around 15,200 jobs could cost.

on the evening of the failure of the rescue attempts for Kaiser’s Tengelmann, the debt began to assignments. Haub did Rewe for the supermarket chain responsible. “It is the impression that Rewe was not interested in any solution within the framework of the Ministerial approval,” complained Edeka. Rewe CEO Alain Caparros had a feeling in the air, the opposite charge already, and countered: “It

the tone of The messages shows that the strong men of Germany’s leading food have fallen out dealers about the end of Kaiser’s downright. Far beyond a normal economic competition, maintain tangible personal enmities. About the owner of the Edeka CEO Markus Mosa Caparros: “Karl said, Erivan Haub, and Markus Mosa have speculated on the expense of the employees and to secure the great missed opportunity of the jobs at Kaiser’s Tengelmann.” It was clear to him that now, “Mr Haub, Kaiser’s Tengelmann to sell in for him economically optimal way in packages”.

Haub repaid in the same coin: “We must unfortunately conclude that the plaintiff” – Rewe and others – “are not ready to work constructively on solutions.” Edeka has announced that Rewe had “repeatedly agreed appointments”. Starting next week, is to be obtained for the Emperor's branch network for the sales region North Rhine and the meat plants in Viersen, donauwörth and Perwenitz expressions of interest in the market. The “exploitation phase” of the sales regions in Munich and Berlin should start with a time delay. “Unfortunately, we have to assume that for many branches, not a supermarket operator can be found. Therefore, a large number of employees is facing the loss of their jobs," said Haub. Therefore, he had instructed the management Board of Kaiser’s Tengelmann in the social plan negotiations.

As a barely negotiable apply in addition to the meat processing companies with the in-house brand “Birkenhof”, especially the approximately 110 branches in the Rhine and Ruhr. But also in the Metropolitan areas of Munich and Berlin, not all the Emperor's are the reported locations for sure. Also, the jobs in the distribution

In the case of a sale of the viable parts of the requirements of the Ministerial approval will no longer apply. Among other things, a five-years-long prohibition of Termination was provided. For buyers of branch packages – Edeka and the other is a re-competition test. In addition to Rewe, the chains Norma and Striking – both had also complained against the Ministerial approval, as well as the Swiss Migros group for their German subsidiary Tegut concrete interest in Parts of the Emperor’s logged in. Migros had underlined to the “world” recently, the southern branches in the eye. As a new applicant, the Department store chain Karstadt and its parent Signa Retail in its appearance, according to reports. The company does not comment on the issue.

Almost exactly to the day two years ago had proclaimed Haub Plan to sell Kaiser’s Tengelmann with 451 branches to market leader Edeka. The Federal cartel office stopped the merger in the spring of 2015, the monopolies Commission, spoke out clearly against it. The two companies then sought a special permit from the economy Minister Gabriel, who agreed in March of this year, subject to conditions. However, in turn, Rewe, Norma, and Sharply complained. In a rush, they had success. The higher regional court of Düsseldorf, commented in July in doubt as to the neutrality of Gabriel and stopped the takeover plan.

The time for the Emperor's, the root of the Tengelmann group, is probably expired. Each month, with the Emperor’s Haub costs about ten million – so much loss driving the former jewel of the Mülheimer family enterprise. However, a Return will not be there anymore now, let Haub: “For a re-examination by the competition authority, we would have to beat at least a further six months with an uncertain outcome Vera – time, can no longer stand by the company Kaiser’s Tengelmann.”


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