Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rewe CEO Caparros: What’s going on there, is a mess – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Mr Caparros, are you to blame, if now thousands of Tengelmann employees lose their Job?

Bettina Times author: Bettina Times, a Freelance writer in the economy of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

I am in favour of the employee at Rewe responsible. I can’t be blamed for it, what the competition is screwed up. The Drama of Tengelmann and Kaiser' takes as long as 15 years, because no longer in the business was invested in, they found not a strategy.

Therefore, Mr Haub wants to sell the 405 shops to Edeka. Everything was under one roof, just to torpedo the plans, because they have filed a complaint against the Ministerial approval of Sigmar Gabriel.

Nothing was. Tengelmann and Edeka have done everything wrong, what you can do wrong. Now I’m going to be pushed into the corner.

It means you let Mr Haub no choice, and that’s Why he needs to smash the supermarket chain now.

I should now serve as a bogeyman. What’s going on there, is a mess.

What are you accusing your opponents?

you have to respect all the institutions that exist in our rule of law here: the Federal cartel office rejected the Deal because the consumer is too powerful, the monopoly Commission has confirmed the decision. It was the men, but just don’t care. You have taken Mr Gabriel hostage and pushed for a Ministerial permit, which was faulty. And that is not my view, and have found the same judge at the higher regional court of Düsseldorf.

but only on your complaint.

I made it clear from the beginning that I will do everything legally Possible to prevent the Edeka to be even bigger. I will not fight against Edeka or against Mr. Haub, I fight only for the Rewe, the need to retain a critical size. It is extremely important that the distance between Rewe and Edeka is not greater than he is now. Otherwise, the Edeka has a monopoly. We take Berlin: When we get in Berlin no surcharge, is there any second market is soon to be a Edeka. This is not in the interest of the customer.

offered a three-digit million amount as compensation. Why don’t you take the money and give peace of mind?

The think with the money all goes. But that is not a thing to solve with money. I wouldn’t muzzle miss and sell the interests of the REWE as the Bazaar!

you want to the supermarkets swallowing.

as a result, we have never made a secret. We were the first to put an offer on the table, providing for a guarantee of Employment for all employees. In the range of Edeka was no talk of it. That made Gabriel only because of our offer on condition of its Ministerial approval.

you have switched your offer, as you call it, last summer as an ad in daily Newspapers – so you are leading but no serious negotiations.

What should we do? We have sent our offer in writing to Tengelmann. A number of occasions. There was never a feedback. I wanted to make our interest public.

More about

Mr Haub under provides you with unfair intentions, and destruction tactics.

That is utter nonsense. We want to prevent Edeka gets all of the markets awarded, this is my perpetual motion machine. Apart from that, we are cooperative, regardless of whether we get the markets, a third party, or whether we split it to us with Edeka. On 6. October first, we were all together and had reached an agreement.

looked like, exactly?

provided that the markets in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia will go to the Munich area at Edeka. In compliance with the requirements of the Ministerial approval. In addition, the interests of Striking and Norma were taken into account. We wanted to put right on it and the Details to negotiate, but since nothing more came up all of a sudden. And now, Thursday evening, Mr. Haub announces suddenly to begin on Monday with the smashing. To explain to me.


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