Saturday, October 15, 2016

Financial institution – Deutsche Bank is considering further retreat of Wall Street Sü

In the fight against the crisis in the financial institution no prohibitions against Thinking about more.

Meike Schreiber, Frankfurt

The mood will noticeably be depressed-as-you-German-Bank-chief John Cryan last week in Washington in chic Renwick Gallery. Although the British have welcomed each guest personally, reported by participants in the customer reception on the occasion of the autumn meeting of the International monetary Fund. That Cryan had then, but the usual words about the Buffet-opening pushed around, should have seemed so very sad.

What would have to say the British? That he can conclude negotiations with the US authorities will order a billion penalty soon successfully? He was hopeful that the Deutsche Bank continue soon out of its deep crisis out in the sticks for a Long time?

“more Likely than a sale of such asset management”

there are in Terms of crisis management no longer think bans more in Germany’s largest money house. Starting with the sale of important divisions to a notkapital increase or an even more far-reaching reduction in, everything seems possible, even if Cryan holds is still officially in its strategy, primarily through extensive austerity programmes back on their feet.

According to the süddeutsche Zeitung is also now a further withdrawal from the US market in the conversation. “This is now much more likely than a sale, about asset management,” said an Insider. Also the Supervisory Board is to be spoken about such a Plan already. Deutsche Bank would not comment.

Deutsche Bank imposed a hiring freeze

There are no employees should be hired from the outside. This applies to almost all areas of the money house. more …

Decided nothing yet seems so far. Is also still open, as far-reaching as a retreat from Wall Street could be a Terrain to conquer, the Bank, at the latest, since she had taken over in 1999, the US investment Bank Bankers Trust. With a Complete withdrawal, you would adopt-but to claim to be a global investment Bank. It would be a radical reversal of the previously of the Supervisory Board chief Paul Achleitner propagated direction. Again and again, Cryan and his Board members had emphasized, therefore, in the recent time, the importance of at least a presence in the US market, to be able to Dax-listed companies in their dealings across the Atlantic to advise. In the USA, while it was true that to earn more, wrote just on Friday, Alasdair Warren, head of investment banking of the Bank in Europe, in a guest article in the Börsen-Zeitung. All of the major European investment banks need, therefore, to have a presence in the United States. Because of the “specific regulation” but for Europeans to be more expensive than for domestic institutions.

A partial withdrawal could throw the Bank in the current negotiations with the US Department of justice in the balance, says an Insider. The Ministry threatens the with a penalty of $ 14 billion for windy transactions from the vorfinanz crisis. This sentence tries to push Cryan.

a partial withdrawal would have a lot of Trouble with the US regulators

a further advantage: the Bank, which is engaged in the US, with a tenth of its 100 000 employees would lose a considerable proportion of their income, but could also save equity as well as cost. At least when you post from certain assets or Parts of the consulting business split, where you can already compete with the Wall Street houses. Since July, the money the house brings together the U.S. business, as required under a separate holding company, which is equipped with relatively much capital and liquidity as well as numerous reporting obligations must meet. “This represents a milestone for the 2020 strategy and underlines our commitment to a strong US business,” had Cryan said on the occasion of the founding of the society. It was adopted by the Bank in the United States anyway of the transactions and their balance sheet shrunk.

Last is but the money, the house always in Trouble with the US regulators, for example, because it had postponed important investments in the EDP. Whether the Bank could escape by withdrawing, but also the high penalties with which the United States put on the global banking sector since the crisis, however, is unlikely. That would be, at best, a complete withdrawal is possible.


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