Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Netflix stock has quarterly figures high – FOCUS Online

Tuesday, 18.10.2016, 09:44
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The Plan of Netflix, customers with in-house productions to attract, obviously.

The video streaming service was able to win in the last quarter, to 3.57 million new subscription users. That was over a Million more than expected. Thus the confidence of the investors came back to a shock: The stock shot up by around a fifth. It did not bother them that Netflix is pushing for a Start in China, now also officially on the long Bank.

would have been The decisive factor for the growth of popular productions such as the Mystery series “Stranger Things,” said Netflix chief Reed Hastings on Monday. This remains the focus: In the coming year, Netflix will bring around 1000 hours of exclusive content to the program.

sales Also exceeded in the last quarter, with an increase of 32 percent to 2.29 billion dollars (of 2.08 billion Euro), the expectations of the traders. The winning shot of the year-on-year by 75 percent to 51.5 million dollars, high, such as Netflix, according to U.S. market close announced on Monday. It was also much better than expected.

Netflix had grown, despite the almost worldwide availability to the beginning of the year in the last few quarters, first, weaker than expected. This brought the share price in the meantime, under pressure, even though Netflix said the development of, among other things, the phasing-out of cheaper, older contracts in the United States. The have caused some users to terminations. Now a counter-movement, and the stock rose after trading hours by almost 20 percent to 119,42 dollars. So she is moving back closer to their peak at 130 dollars at the end of last year. Finally, the speculation went on the market, Netflix could be a takeover target for Disney – the service so far, but no interest in a sale.

the user growth was Fueled now mainly by the international business. Netflix won outside of the United States, 3.2 million new subscription users. In the home market, there were 370 000 new arrivals – 70 000 more than expected.

Netflix now has 47.5 million customers in the United States and 39,25 million in the Rest of the world. The plans for a Start in the giant market of China have been abandoned meanwhile, for the time being, as Hastings said. The regulatory hurdles were too high. He also pointed out that the Film services of Disney and Apple had been stopped in the country. Previously, Netflix had said it was in talks with the authorities, but could not name a date. Now Netflix wants to show more of some of their own content through local partners. The will be no big source of revenue, and warned Hastings.

For the fourth quarter was Netflix, an increase of 5.2 million customers in views, 1.45 million in the home market, and 3.75 million in the Rest of the world. Netflix had launched the service in January, at a stroke, into 130 new countries and covers almost the whole world to China.

in the Same way as rival Amazon is Netflix going massive on exclusive productions and takes a lot of money in the Hand. A total of

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