Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Netflix-quarter numbers: stock rises thanks to numerous new users – MIRROR ONLINE

interesting in-house productions it has brought to the Streaming provider, Netflix, to the the customers ‘ favorite. Thanks to the surprisingly high profits, the stock is also currently the darling of the investors.

Netflix Show: Orange  is the new Black

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Netflix Show: Orange is the new Black

Netflix has won back investor confidence After unexpectedly good quarterly figures, the stock posted a gain of 19 percent. Netflix was able to win in the last quarter of the year to 3.57 million new customers. The rash had been popular in-house productions such as the Mystery series “Stranger Things,” said Netflix chief Reed Hastings. The streaming service itself had previously submitted a growth of 2.6 million subscription users.

sales Also exceeded, with an increase of 32 percent to 2.29 billion dollars to the expectations of the investors. The winning shot of the year-on-year by 75 percent to 51.5 million dollars rise, such as Netflix, according to U.S. market close announced on Monday. It was also much better than expected.

Netflix had grown, despite the almost worldwide availability to the beginning of the year in the last few quarters, first, weaker than expected. This brought the share price in the meantime, under pressure, although the Streaming service said the development of, among other things, the phasing-out of cheaper, older contracts, the users would have terminated. Now a counter-movement, and stock Chart show rose after trading hours temporarily to around 19 per cent to 118,66 dollars. From the peak price of more than 130 euros at the end of last year, the paper is removed, however, still a good piece.

the user growth was Fueled now mainly by the international business. Netflix won outside of the United States of 3.20 million new subscribers. In the home market, there were 370,000 well as 70,000 more than expected.

Netflix now has 47.5 million customers in the United States and 39,25 million in the Rest of the world. The plans for a launch in China have been abandoned meanwhile, for the time being, as Hastings said. The regulatory hurdles were too high. He also pointed out that the Film services, Disney, and Apple Chart show in the country stopped. So far, Netlix had declared that it was in discussions with the authorities, but could not name a date.

For the fourth quarter was Netflix now, an increase of 5.2 million customers in views, 1.45 million in the home market, and 3.75 million in the Rest of the world. The company had launched the service in January, at a stroke, into 130 new countries and covers almost the whole world to China.

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