Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Netflix in Germany: More subscribers than inhabitants economy week

It was, once again, to the extent that, says Reed Hastings, grinning into the camera, and leans back comfortably in his chair, in the first row of the cinemas in the Netflix headquarters buildings. “We all know that I have to apologize again for the inconsistency.” However, the head of the Streaming platform Los Gatos, California, looks more than satisfied.

His company, the forecasts of Wall Street has exceeded. Netflix was able to attract more users than analysts expected.

located to 3.57 million new subscribers were added, the group’s own forecast had only 2.6 million. The investors liked it. The share price rushed by 20 percent in the height.

Recently had a need to prove to Netflix shareholders as nervous as the viewers of the popular Mystery series “Stranger Things,” or the drug-Thriller “Narcos”. In the last quarter Netflix had not achieved its goals, the share price fell by 13 percent.

Hastings apologized even during the traditional investor Calls for. The weak growth had fueled fears that the expansion rate of the company is Stalled.

The subscriptions are Netflixs most important source of income. Therefore, the company is constantly trying to win aggressive new customer.

in January, Hastings was given the Start in 130 other countries, by which his service was abruptly in 190 countries to reach. The strategy has paid off now. That is exactly where Netflix could inspire more people.

Netflix’s chief sees his course confirmed

Outside of the U.S., 3.2 million new subscribers registered on the platform, Netflix home country were added over 370,000 new viewers. Overall, Netflix has approximately 85 million paying customers.

in view of the outstanding result of the founder of Hastings in his course. “More and more people look to online TV,” he said in the investor Call. The plans for a launch in China have been abandoned meanwhile, for the time being, as Hastings said. The regulatory hurdles were too high. He also pointed out that the Film services of Disney and Apple had been stopped in the country.

Netflix, the company that began with the Sending of Videos in red envelopes, has become firmly established in the technology market. No group has changed the Television viewing habits of the user so radical. Terms like “binge watching” (Marathon-Video-consumption) or “stream cheating” – a Partner, looks on secretly, without the other joint series are now part of the everyday jargon in the United States.

“More than expected” have paid off, according to Hastings, especially the investments in the own Original productions. These include the political Thriller “House of Cards” and the prison drama “Orange Is the New Black”.

expenditure for the self-developed formats and productions are huge, but. The Netflix revenue rose by 32 percent to 2.29 billion dollars, profit by 75 percent to more than five billion dollars.

“We have big international success,” says Hastings. “We will continue to invest.” For the next year, Netflix CEO wants to increase the share of own-productions, of 600 hours so far in the future, 1000.


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