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Job search for potential buyers for Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores in NRW … – THE WORLD

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Kaiser’s Tengelmann is busting

Kaiser’s Tengelmann is busting

source: dpa/AFP/archive

Haub: “window of time” for rescue only closes with the sale of the first Load

Ab for mounting to be possible buyer for the first branches of the loss-making supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann wanted – but the road to final destruction. First of all, the purchase contract with the market leader Edeka had to be resolved, said a spokeswoman for the Tengelmann group, on Sunday, the AFP news Agency. Co-owner Karl-Erivan Haub indicated to be “to the last Minute for a friendly solution” to secure all the jobs.

The “time window” for a rescue close only when the first store was actually sold, said Haub of the “West German General,” from the Saturday. Tengelmann addiction starting Monday, interested parties for the 105 Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores in North Rhine-Westphalia, and later also for the remaining stores in Berlin and Munich. “After a week, we know who is interested in what the supermarket and whether the transfer of employees and goods can succeed.”

The actual sales process for the outlets will be ushered in only when the purchase had resolved the contract with Edeka, – said a company spokeswoman. When this is done, is unclear.

Haub defended his decision to busting. “We are gradually losing control of the company, and I have no other choice,” said the Tengelmann co-owner of the “WAZ”. The supermarket chain do it every month, almost ten million Euro loss. Especially in the North Rhine Region, the stores were “small and old”. Probably will be there only found for about one-third of the 105 branches of a buyer.

Haub, had been considered in the ultimately unsuccessful high-level meetings of the supermarket bosses, whether Kaiser’s Tengelmann could be divided between Edeka and Rewe. Such a solution is not covered by the special authorisation of the Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), and would still have to be from the Federal cartel office examined. “This time, we no longer have.”

Rewe chief Alain Caparros told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, the supermarket chiefs have agreed first of all to the fact that Rewe markets in Berlin and North Rhine-’ll take Westphalia and Edeka in Munich. “We wanted to put right on it, and the Details develop, but as nothing more came suddenly,” he lamented.

Caparros stressed that he fights against Edeka or Haub, but for his company. Rewe had to retain a “critical size” and not “am, that the distance to Edeka will be even bigger than he is now.” If Rewe receive, for example, in Berlin, no surcharge would be there every second the market is soon to be a Edeka. “This is not in the interest of the customer.”

Rewe complains as Norma and Striking against the Ministerial approval for the Takeover of Kaiser’s Tengelmann by Edeka. The withdrawal of the complaints was the target of last week’s failed rescue talks on the Initiative of Verdi.


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