Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tengelmann-busting begins: Starting Monday, 105 markets, for sale – FOCUS Online

Sunday, 16.10.2016, 11:48
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Tengelmann begins with the sale of its branches. From Monday to bidders can request the Numbers from the 105 markets in the district North Rhine. According to the data of Rewe-Chef Alan Caparros, there are “many interested parties”.

The destruction of the Tengelmann group. On Monday, the group intends to make purchase buyers list with Numbers to 105 markets in the North Rhine Region. This is a Tengelmann spokeswoman said on Sunday FOCUS Online. The list will also contain detailed Figures on sales and profits of individual branches, so that the competitors could make a picture of the locations.

foreign buyers

follow The two other Tengelmann regions later. The Tengelmann group intends to manage the bidder dispute on your own, there is no external service provider had been commissioned, said the spokesman.

The network of stores of Kaiser’s Tengelmann included the end of 2015, about 446 stores in three German regions. For sale

- 133 markets in Berlin

- 188 in Bavaria, and

- 105 in North Rhine-Westphalia (20 were closed this year).

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As interested parties, in addition to the large supermarket chains Edeka and Rewe, foreign investors such as the Swiss trading group Migros or the Austrian Karstadt owner René Benko. Also, the individual, smaller markets could also go to local retailers.

He would be glad “if we can find 30 to 40 stores operator,” said Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub of the “West German General newspaper” (Saturday). The smashing 8000 employees are affected.

Rewe-Boss: “No second Schlecker Bankruptcy,”

However, Rewe chief Alain Caparro is contrary to the Tengelmann Boss: The Tengelmann jobs are not threatened necessarily, said Caparros of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. “This is a Menacing, that only occurs when he (Haub, d. ed.) continue to be so stubborn."

The Haub’ve already closed within a year, around 50 Tengelmann and Kaiser’s markets. “These are 1000 Places about which he speaks,” said Caparros, the “FAS”. For the rest of the 400 markets there is a lot of interested parties. “As always, the buyer is, he takes staff. The Drohbild a second Schlecker Bankruptcy, Mr Haub likes to draw, so to Tengelmann at all", said the Rewe Boss.

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