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Food retailers: these are the five winners of the Emperor’s disaster – THE WORLD

Nur a harmony is a miracle between the fractious heads of the largest food retailers could still help. But after that, it’s not. Rewe will maintain its legal complaint against Sigmar Gabriel Minister of the permit in an upright position. Edeka and Tengelmann will not be able to implement your Plan, all 450 of the Emperor's shops at Edeka. The Emperor's will to crush.

loser, wherever you look:

The up to 8000 Emperor's employees in stores, Warehouses and meat plants, the look of losing their jobs.

Edeka CEO Markus Mosa, has not reached its goal and in its cooperative Federation in front of the powerful regional princes and self-conscious purchase to justify to people.

Tengelmann-holder Karl-Erivan Haub, who in the last two years, according to its own information of a three-digit million amount with its traditional and loss-making supermarket has sunk to a chain.

economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, of the failure of his rescue plan for the Jobs and the düsseldorf judges because of the shallowness and bias of rügen.

But the large teeth, drowning out the crunch, that the two-year battle for Kaiser’s is at the same time, left a number of winners.

The small rivals

The operators of medium-sized grocery chains. To ducks the Expo Gerd Köber and Franz-Friedrich Müller. The two – the role of Co-head of the medium – sized discounter Norma, the other managing Director of the purchasing Alliance Distinctive-are less known to the Public, but to play in the dispute over the Emperor’s key. They had inserted, such as Rewe, appeal against the Minister’s permission, in their view, compelling reasons.

Distinctively combines the demand of Dozens of small and larger food retailers to the industry. You will get through this cooperation platform, the advantages of size, would not be alone. The members would idly stand by as the market leader Edeka, with its 11.400 stores incorporated again 450 shops, was not to be expected. Also, Norma has to fear from the industry, Primus pressed against the wall. Now both of you get the Chance to strengthen on the contrary, through the Acquisition of stores.

The Newcomer

Foreign newcomers to the German market benefit from a Failure of the planned total sales to Edeka. The Swiss trading giant Migros, and its German subsidiary Tegut were not directly involved in the fight to the Emperor’s, but sitting on the fence. The gateway to the German market will now open for you.

“A Takeover of Tengelmann stores in the Munich area continues to be an Option we would seriously consider,” confirmed the company recently told the “Welt am Sonntag”. Even old Acquaintances such as Karstadt, for years, even a movement unable to be rehabilitated, now throw an eye on the Emperor's, and thus to a possible new field of business for the Department store group.

The customers

In the German food trade, Edeka, anyway, with 25 percent clear at the top, in the long term, with the Emperor's more of hurried shopping alternative for the buyer would goods in some places a lack. Among the winners of tens of thousands of customers in the German and the Bavarian capital.

where, in the prohibition by the Federal cartel office in March last year read: inhabitants of Berlin districts of Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Pankow, Reinickendorf and some other areas had to be missed after completion of the Kaiser’s Takeover barely a Chance, Edeka. In some corners of Berlin that the Emperor is, according to the results of the meticulous work of the German cartel office today, almost as strong as Edeka. Together, they would achieve 50 to 60 percent of the market share. Similar, if not quite so extreme, in Bavaria, Bad Reichenhall, Bad Tölz, Weilheim, Tutzing, and 18 of the 25 Munich city districts.


manufacturer of eleven food groups can breathe a sigh of relief, if viable, Kaiser’s branches fall on the industry leader, but to the second League will be distributed. This is another result of the analysis of the Bonn-based antitrust enforcers. It is a half years ago, but is likely to have changed little.

For suppliers of fresh milk and chocolate goods, sparkling wine and frozen pizza, for example, was the Emperor's so far, one of the few values of sales channels beyond the giants Quartet, Edeka, Rewe, Lidl and Aldi. Together 85 percent of the German food trade on the share, the big four now.

The cartel office certificated Edeka at the time, with his suppliers little squeamish pressed: “in the past, it has been shown that the Edeka in the location, size advantages also claims, according to the Federal cartel office’s abusive special conditions of the suppliers and smaller competitors at the expense of exploiting”, it was wooden, but unmistakably.


unlike in the case of the Emperor’s many of the Employees of Edekas Discount-line net to the winners. You now have better chances of keeping their Job, because the double-sites have adjusted the Edeka one way or the other, believes, for example, the former President of the monopolies Commission, Daniel Zimmer. Because of the Emperor's goods transactions according to Ministerial approval, now five years of taboo, it would have caught certainly one or the other of the sister company.

Only a man who wanted to be among the winners, you know it’s not as accurate.

Rewe CEO Alain Caparros will go from hero to zero when his business enemy, Karl-Erivan Haub, it. The two have been annoyed in the past two years, powerful, one above the other, so violently, that the seller would have to jump Haub about his shadow, to do Caparros as a Favor, to assign to him one or the other branch. Or he screwed up the price so high that the Rewe-Chef abwinkt on a voluntary basis.


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