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Supermarket fusion – Tengelmann-armed: Internal Protocol refuted statements … – Sü


  • Internal documents disprove the public statements of Rewe CEO Alain Caparros in the Haggling about the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann.
  • Casparro claimed that all the parties to the 6. October had agreed on a division of Tengelmann branches between Edeka and Rewe.
  • He throws Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub, then surprisingly withdrawn.
  • The Protocol of a telephone conference, however, shows that Caparros own employees were not convinced of the planned distribution.

An internal Protocol to the dispute, the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann is contrary to the public statements of Rewe CEO Alain Caparros. According to the documents in the existence süddeutsche Zeitung , does not match the Caparros in the Interviews made Statements with what was actually said at the working level between the disputing parties. Last Caparros said in an Interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. In the Interview, Caparros was very angry about it, in the bargain for to the Emperor’s now the bad guy in this. So as the one who should be responsible for the loss of up to 8,000 jobs.

Caparros said in the Interview: “On the 6. October first, we were all together and had reached an agreement.” On the day the first crisis meeting was held between the heads of the supermarkets of Edeka, Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Rewe, and the trade Union Verdi. The agreement was to Caparros’ words, that the markets in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia go to Rewe, in the Munich area at Edeka. “In accordance with the requirements of the Ministerial approval,” adds Caparros. That is, taking backup of all officially 16 000 jobs by means of collective agreements, which run over five years. Actually this division was discussed, denies none of the other participants.

But then supplemented Caparros: “We wanted to put right on it and the Details to negotiate, but since nothing more came up all of a sudden. And now, Thursday evening, Mr. Haub announces suddenly to begin on Monday with the smashing. To explain to me.” He accuses the owner of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Karl Ivan Haub, thus, abruptly, without consultation, to have arbitrary “as the sun king,” about the end of the Emperor’s chosen.

Tengelmann: thousands of hope to the chief of the competitors

there Is last-Minute but still a Chance? To the chief of Rewe, the preservation of the jobs of Kaiser’s Tengelmann. By Markus Balser, Michael Kläsgen and Kristiana Ludwig more …

Caparros’s own employees warned of antitrust problems

In truth, have doubted his own people from the very beginning that the division of the markets thought. A log of the phone conference last Wednesday, the 12. October, confirmed that. It says: “on the part Of Rewe was then performed, that the evaluation of the antitrust issues since the Meeting on Monday, nothing has changed. It is further very questionable whether a transfer of (in particular) of the two regions of Berlin and North Rhine Edeka to Rewe moves after execution of the purchase agreement between Edeka and Tengelmann in the framework of the Ministerial approval.” Caparros is contrary in this respect with his statement, it had all been clear, the assessment of its own employees.

Rather, these had already logged in on Monday, so at the first meeting of counterparts on the working level after the crisis meeting of business leaders, their doubts as to the feasibility of a distribution.

Caparros addiction apparently, according to a new bogeyman

The astonishment of Caparros on Haubs announcement is all the more surprising, as he was on Tuesday, 11. October, yourself via e-Mail of its participation in an “elephants ‘ round”, which was scheduled for Saturday cancelled. Instead, he suggested to the Haubs notice for dismantling, a Simple turn on. The should have “competence and authority” and “neutral”. “It would be best if Mr Gabriel makes it even.” This seemed like a joke. Until then, the Rewe boss had very clearly hints that he keeps by the Federal Minister of economy, only very little. In a mirrorInterview, he accused him of bias and incompetence. To the simple question of the next chief Meeting was on the Sunday. It’s supposed to take place this Monday. But no one seems to want to get from Caparros, the bogeyman-roller slipped.

Meanwhile, Haub begins this Monday with the smashing. 30 to 40 of the 105 branches in NRW he thinks is not for sale. Edeka is to come in the retail sale is the first. To the first supermarket is sold, but at least a couple of weeks. Until then, Caparros could relent.

Gabriel calls to agreement with Kaiser’s Tengelmann

Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel calls on all Parties in the conflict to the future of the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann to the re-unification of try. more …


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