Wednesday, October 5, 2016

IMF looks quite positive to THE WORLD

In an uncertain environment, Germany’s economy surprisingly well. The International monetary Fund (IMF) has screwed in its latest report on the situation of the world economic (WEO), the Outlook for the German economy to the top – even if only slightly. For this year, the Washington experts expect a growth of 1.7 instead of 1.6 percent. Next year the economy will grow by 1.4 instead of the previously forecasted 1.2%.

What looks good on paper, however, for the strength of the German economy. Around the world, the Fund is far more cautious. For the USA, the largest economy in the world, the experts will advance 1.6 percent lowered even say drastically this year. Were expected to be 2.2 percent. 2.2 percent in the coming year. Were expected to be 2.5 percent. The chief economist of the IMF, and Maurice Obstfeld, spoke of a disappointment. No wonder, then, that it is behavior in the face of U.S. weakness below the line, global. For 2016, the funds of the world-Economics predicts a growth of more modest 3.1 percent. Next year the economy is expected to grow by 3.4 percent. The IMF is the development of dissatisfied. The policy had to do more.

Exactly, this should also be the topic of the fall meeting in Washington this weekend. What can be done about the global growth weakness do? And more important: Who pays for it?

will look Like the distribution of roles in this ongoing Black-Peter-game, it is possible to predict. The Anglo-Saxons and southern Europeans will demand of the financially well-off countries such as Germany to higher investment. The Germans will, in turn, emphasize the need for structural reforms. Because – this is going to be, Wolfgang schäuble’s message – many nation-States are still in debt is much too high.


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