Only last week, Air Berlin had communicated to the group due to economic problems, a radical rebuild. 1,200 employees are to be dismissed accordingly, and large parts of the fleet of the Lufthansa. Now the plans of the crisis, plug the ends of cheap airline to negotiate with their Arab major shareholder Etihad and the tourism group Tui, a merger to become a reality. The Air Berlin, stated in Berlin, thus confirming corresponding media reports.

Air Berlin intends to focus on a core business with a fleet of 75 machines of the two rotary Berlin and Düsseldorf from crosses. The own travel and tourism business are to be combined with 35 aircraft in its own business area.

“The Airline group could be witnesses to a combination of the current tourist business of the Air Berlin group, with 35 (…) and the German Tuifly lead,” said Air Berlin. These 14 aircraft are currently operated by Tuifly for Air Berlin group. The proposed transaction subject to successful negotiations and the approval of the authorities. Etihad stated that the Alliance “would operate from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, a comprehensive route network”. The new Airline group to be ultimately the Etihad Avitation Group and of Tui AG is founded.

on Friday evening announced Tuifly, the Airline is to be integrated in a new umbrella holding company, under the leadership of Etihad with another Airline. Many crew members had reported in, then ill, which is why it came to flight cancellations and delays. Flights of Air Berlin were affected. Employee representatives fear that the merger job losses at Tuifly.