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Aircraft due to burning Samsung Smartphone evacuated – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Samsung advertising in London

A Samsung Smartphone model Galaxy Note 7 has well captured a month after the world-wide recall on a plane in America just before the Start of the fire. The still at the Gate the machine was cleared in Louisville (state of Kentucky), and the flight to Baltimore was cancelled.

no injuries have been reported in the U.S. media. Particularly unpleasant for Samsung, it was the owner, according to a replacement device, which he had received in the Wake of the recall. A confirmation of this from the company but there were not yet. Samsung had called back the grade 7 due to fire hazard.

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to be able to make A Samsung spokeswoman said on demand, the incident, no details yet. You work with the airline and the authorities to be able to have the Smartphone examine.

at the beginning of September, had granted to Samsung after numerous incidents of danger as a result of battery problems in the case of the Phablet-a Smartphone and Tablet Computer, and a worldwide exchange of action announced. Just a few days ago, the group brought the model in South Korea back on the market.

batteries sometimes viewed as a security risk

incidents on Board aircraft are particularly sensitive. The American FAA FAA already had the 8. September says the operation of Note 7 devices on Board. The European aviation authority, EASA, followed a day later with a similar statement. After that, passengers and Crew members are allowed to your touch-7-equipment on Board, neither turn on nor charge. You may not be stowed in checked baggage.

Since then is drawn to the device on Board, specifically on the prohibition on the use of for the Samsung – no advertising for the group. Fire most cases, the there may be on Board an aircraft is one threat. Just batteries on Board, depending on the technology, controversial and sometimes viewed as a security risk.

The affected passenger of the evacuated pilot told the local station Wave 3, the crew asked all passengers with a grade 7 therefore, the devices should be turned off. He did and the cell phone in his pants pocket. A few seconds later, he noticed a pop and smoke.

in America Alone 92 reported cases

“It was an electronic smoke is a brown, green – grey, really ugly stuff-and he’s pretty close out of the device,” said the man. He threw the Smartphone on the floor, and it had burned through the carpet.

The cell phone he had picked up only two weeks earlier, after he had exchanged his the beginning of September, bought copy because of the global recall, told the man to continue. On the packaging was specified that it was a flawless device.

According to the American consumer protection authority to the CPSC by mid-September, were reported in America, 92 cases in which a grade 7 was overheated.

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