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Proposed Alliance between Air Berlin and TUI Fly vacation cheaper flights – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

After days of speculation the moment of truth: The travel group TUI, and Air Berlin, followed by the large shareholder have confirmed on Wednesday that “they are in talks for the establishment of a new European Airline group”. In a joint press release stated, “at the appropriate time,” signed an agreement in Principle for the composite, its possible for more than one week in the industry is talking about.

Timo Kotowski author: Timo Kotowski, an editor in the business.

The Alliance would change the conditions of competition in the leisure flight business. The network would also be witnesses from the state of the largest holiday airline in Central Europe with more than 60 flight. The fleet of the German TUI company, TUI Fly, Austrian, Air Berlin, Niki, and 14 aircraft, the TUI has long-term rented office staff to Air Berlin would be.

For travelers is connected to the composite first, a good news. Hardly an aviation Manager expects to be able to in the coming year, more expensive Tickets for holiday routes to settle. On the contrary: The already raging price competition, the Air Berlin as the reason for its weaker first-half result had to be called, is likely to become more acute.

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For the competitors, as the company Condor from the travel group Thomas Cook, the Outlook is darkening more and more. While TUI, Etihad and Air Berlin, as she is currently without a Partner. Cooperation talks with the Lufthansa offshoot Euro wings, it had become weeks ago quiet. “Condor is watching the market developments very closely,” said a spokesman.

there are Already too many aircraft available to transport vacationers beaches. And the Oversupply is increasing, as low-cost airlines such as Easyjet, Norwegian and Vueling are pushing into this market. On Tuesday, the Irish company Ryanair announced its offer from Hamburg to expand.

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Starting in 2017, will fly you from the Hanseatic city to Gran Canaria, to the Greek Thessaloniki to Faro in the South of Portugal. In addition, Ryanair announced it is due to the growth in the next twelve months, 3000 additional flight attendants and pilots deal with.

Not just against holiday flight Alliance germinate objections

Also, Air Berlin agreed on Wednesday to be present at the negotiations between TUI and Etihad involved. In the process, chief Executive, Stefan Pichler had rejected a week ago asking for a holiday flight composite with Parts of the Air Berlin group, brusquely. At that time it was called General, check “strategic options”. Officially, the ailing second-largest German airline, whose fleet is above the decomposition explains well, you’ve decided”, the talks of Etihad Airways, the TUI AG connect”.

Meanwhile, with the statements of the day, it is also clear that Air Berlin’s major shareholder Etihad from Abu Dhabi, the mastermind in the negotiations, at the end of a reorganisation of the Air Berlin business and also of the whole of the German holiday flight market.

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competitors will know to look, however, suspicious of the collaborations, which should occur after the split-up of the Air Berlin fleet. “It is important to ensure that customers continue to benefit from an open market and fair competition among the Airlines is guaranteed,” at Condor. Not only against the holiday flight Alliance objections.

Also on Thursday delays

concerns also exist against last week’s announced collaboration of Air Berlin with the Lufthansa subsidiary, Eurowings, which is to lease the 40 aircraft, including the personnel of the Berliners. Ryanair is even heard that the lease contract should run for six years, in fact, a Takeover of Air Berlin-be part of the same, the competition was legally considered.

For the employees of TUI Fly the Worries about the future of their jobs, however, is in the foreground. TUI-Fly-boss Jochen Büntgen it was not possible to address these concerns, although he reported to write in an Employee: “TUI Fly is a German company, which will operate in the future at the Hanover location.” On Wednesday, there was the third day in a row due to a number of different health messages to impairments, every fourth flight has to be cancelled, according to the company.

According to the news Agency dpa failures also threaten today, Thursday. Major consequences prevented, the company, by renting in the short term, aircraft with crews from other providers. Trade unions fear that the new holiday flight network and content heights to the Disposition.


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