Thursday, October 6, 2016

The taxpayers ‘ Federation denounces waste – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

the task of the German taxpayers Federation (BdSt) is the waste of taxpayers ‘ money to publicly denounce. Especially effective is the so-called “black book”, which is published each year. BdSt President of Pure wood brand today unveiled the latest edition. In it, 110 cases are described on the municipal, state and Federal level as an example.

the focus of the report this year are the more than 1,400 state-owned enterprises of the provinces that have, according to the BdSt, a total of around 108 billion euros of debt. “A lot of work is unprofitable, highly leveraged and are held with tax money artificially alive,” said wood, nail, with a view to projects like the Berlin airport or the country banks. For the first time, the Federal government, the taxpayer also an Online Portal has been set up to not only criticism but also solutions to be delivered. The Portal, however, had to fight at the Start with technical problems. FAZ.NET has been looking for five very serious examples from the black book.

42731916 Files for the smoke extraction system of the BER, the sticking point of the airport.

Ratzeburg was set up in front of a school, a new bus stop: The sidewalk is raised for the disabled and several of the shelters built. The measures cost a total of 70,000 euros. Only: the approval of The competent transport authority of the district Duchy Lauenburg was not sought and was not granted in retrospect. Because the road is too narrow for oncoming buses. Now it needs to be completely re-planned and the costs according to the BdSt probably about 300,000 euros.

Genthin in Saxony-Anhalt, should be converted to an empty supermarket to refugee accommodation. The country of operation, construction and property management rented the supermarket for three years for a total of 880,000 euros, although it was clear that he is without tags, not usable. In addition, the consent of the district, the lack of change in use. The empty buildings nothing better to do than before. The rent has to be paid anyway.

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Rhineland-Palatinate the cost of the construction of a bridge in the height are increased contributions. The high Mosel bridge between Wittlich and Longkamp was originally supposed to cost 285 million euros, and now there are 466 million euros. In the case of long-term large construction projects, the taxpayer could be double the first, called the cost estimate “confidently, in order to obtain a more realistic figure”, so the German taxpayers.

The Federal government possesses New York a high quality office complex, the annual fee of 80,000 euros rent. Recently, the Goethe-Institut had used the rooms. The Bizarre: The property for fire protection deficiencies and is therefore, since 2009, empty. The plans in the past two years, costing the Federal 160,000 euros.

And in Baden-Württemberg has been issued by the Ministry of agriculture more than 305.000 euros for a public awareness campaign on the theme of food. Under the title “Mach’s meal – Good food for Baden-Württemberg” was built a new website, events with hands-on activities planned, and cooking recipes published.


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