Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Accidents: BASF-disaster: divers body out of the harbour mountains basin TIME ONLINE

Ludwigshafen, Germany (dpa) – After the devastating Explosion at BASF in Ludwigshafen, the number of fatalities has increased probably three.

In a Harbor basin at the site of Explosion police recovered the divers, the body of a man, which may be a since the misfortune of the missing tanker ship-Sailors. “Whether it is the Missing person, we don’t know yet,” said a police spokeswoman.

The Prosecutor of Frankenthal, the post-mortem was ordered, the result of which may be present only in a few days. According to the chief public Prosecutor Hubert Ströber investigators, meanwhile, have “certain knowledge”, to the explosion cause. They went back to a witness and would now need to be corroborated.

In the Explosion and subsequent fire in the port of North two men of the BASF had been killed on Monday-the plant fire brigade, more than 20 people were injured, many seriously. Had begun to dig out the disaster with a small fire on a cable in a pipe. Shortly after the Explosion and several fires followed. The sailor in the port of anchor tank ship had been missing then.

already listened to a witness an employee of a used on site in a foreign company and “security” have been said Ströber. His information would now be evaluated, and further investigations taken into account. Ströber announced further witness interviews and investigations, about which he could tell from the determination tactical reasons, nothing. “I don’t have to hold me back a bit – not that the evidence is tangible,” he said. He wanted to help someone to see challenged.

The Explosion site itself is now passable, said Ströber. Police officials and experts are on-site. The authority shall determine ex officio in the case of negligent homicide, negligent causing of explosives, explosion and bodily harm against an unknown. The coalition groups of the SPD, FDP and the Green party in the Landtag of Rhineland-Palatinate plan for Thursday next week, a special session on the topic.

According to the missing Sailors had been looking on Wednesday 17 divers from the police and fire Department. Around 12.30 PM police divers, the technical unit of Mainz, barges on the body of a man.

“Unfortunately, we have to assume that our fears are a sad certainty, and we have to lament a third of deaths,” said BASF Executive Board member Margret Suckale. The thoughts are now with the relatives and the injured. The staff commemorated the victims in a minute of silence, in addition, the flags were flying in the operation to half-mast and a condolence was designed book. “The concern is very large,” said a BASF spokesperson.

The German fire brigade Union has reacted with dismay to the news of the death of two colleagues and the injury of others. It established for the families of the firefighters is a donation account and called on all the colleagues nationwide to support.

Ludwig Harbor mayor Eva Lohse (CDU) called for a thorough investigation into the operations and, where appropriate, consequences. “We need to ensure that the production is safe. For us, that is existential,” said Lohse, the “Mannheimer Morgen” (Wednesday). “If there are security gaps that must be closed.”

Because of the accident, a gate of the BASF for delivering the Truck was locked, it was, according to city data, approximately to the North of the city to major traffic jams. The municipality suspended, therefore, planned road works. She appealed to motorists to avoid the area. The delivery Truck had to switch to other BASF goals. The fire Department has investigated at the plant boundary air quality, according to fire chief Peter Friedrich, but nothing eye-catching.

The risk researcher Klaus Heilmann told the German press Agency, people, on the grounds next to a large factory or power plants, life, repressed often the dangers of these went out. “Without displacement, we could not live, because we’re being hunted constantly by Anxiety and Fear,” said Heilmann. The people trusted in the fact that companies such as BASF, examined everything carefully, and your plants in good shape. “The management of such a work is an effort to be in constant contact with the residents, and to inform you.” The help that the people took the Situation more calmly.


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