Wednesday, October 19, 2016

ECJ Medicinal price of loyalty: What does this mean for customers? – MIRROR ONLINE

A prescription drug can get German customers yet, only for the same price, whether you order it in a local pharmacy or a German or foreign mail-order pharmacy. This is explained by the European court of justice (ECJ) is now not allowed.

Specifically, it was in the case of a cooperation between the German Association of Parkinson’s disease and a Dutch mail-order pharmacy, the members of the Association bonuses for the prescription Parkinson’s granted to drugs (legal case C-148/15). In contrast, the centre for protection against unfair competition, filed a lawsuit.

The ECJ has dealt with the case, because the cross-border trade in the EU is involved. The price binding for drugs that are sold within Germany, however, falls solely within the national jurisdiction.

What are the changes exactly?

German consumers shopping in a foreign Online pharmacy is likely to cheaper drugs. Further consequences would now be examined, said the Ministry of health.

The Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists (ABDA) announced, it was clear that the drug price regulation for German pharmacies have applied. The contest headquarters says: “The pharmacies in Germany must adhere to the pricing for prescription drugs, while foreign pharmacies are allowed to provide clients in Germany discounts.” The legislature should now establish the same competitive conditions for pharmacies In the country and abroad.

It is, therefore, still not clear what is the meaning of the judgment for the price in German pharmacies.

Are Online pharmacies safe at all?

Who wants to order promptly at pharmacies in other EU countries, in order to save costs, is perhaps uncertain. Because there will always be warned against buying drugs with dubious Online suppliers.

But to find out Whether it is from a reputable Internet pharmacy or not, is quite simple. All EU countries keep a record of the resident drug dealer.

The German list can be found at the German Institute for Medical documentation and Information (Dimdi).

On the websites of reputable operators in the EU safety logo.

When you click on this Logo you have to land on the official record of the dealer, in Germany on the website of Dimdi.

The Dimdi advises to double-check that the URL is correct – in Germany registered company, you must with “http(s)://” begin. Finally, it is conceivable that rogue providers to forge an official tab page so that it looks deceptively real. But the difference is seen in the browser line.

As a last step to safety, the Dimdi is recommended to open the website of the merchant via the Dimdi-Register the specified Link.

Who ordered in pharmacies in other EU countries, you must visit for this Review, the pages of the relevant competent authorities. A list of the European medicines Agency Ema.

How does this actually work with the recipe?

anyone Who buys a prescription drug, must submit a recipe. Online pharmacies usually offer, that the customer send this in a envelope to the retailer, so the buyer bears the costs of any additional postage.

it is also Clear: anyone Who does not promptly a drug, get it in the pharmacy faster.

What consequences could the ECJ judgment?

pharmacists in Germany are appalled at the verdict. The President of the ABDA, Friedemann Schmidt, said it was a possible solution, to ban mail order sales of prescription drugs in Germany. That would be reconciled with European law.


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