Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Popular Brand “Good & Cheap”: Risk Of Injury! Edeka recalls Apple juice – FOCUS Online

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The food retailer Edeka has been the drink of Apple juice (0.5 liters) of the brand “Good & created a Convenient” minimum shelf life data 21.02.17 and 01.03.17 back. It cannot be excluded that during the production of bottles with yeasts, have been contaminated, such as the Edeka Headquarters announced on Wednesday in Hamburg.

The yeast-induced fermentation process could lead to a build-up of pressure in the plastic bottle (PET) and to the clouding of the drink. This can, under unfavorable conditions, the bottle burst, causing a risk of injury. Bloated bottle should be immediately and carefully disposed of in the open.

The recalled drink was reported to be predominantly in the market and in Edeka stores offered. Customers should also get a without presenting a receipt of the purchase price is refunded. The spritzer had been made by the urstromquelle GmbH & co. KG.


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