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Volkswagen Moia: Wolfsburg want to be the leading provider of Mobility services – FOCUS Online

Volkswagen Moia: Wolfsburg want to to be a leading mobility service provider

Monday, 05.12.2016, 12:55

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The Volkswagen group wants to become the new brand of “Moia” one of the world’s three leading suppliers of mobility services.

Up to the year 2025 should be made a “substantial part of the group’s turnover with the new business area,” announced Ole Harms, head of the newly formed subsidiary Moia, on Monday at the technology conference “TechCrunch Disrupt” in London.

Volkswagen is pursuing a “Buy&Build”strategy with acquisitions and in the company itself built-up areas. On the Volkswagen group a sustainable funding be secured. “We want to be a relevant Player in the market, therefore we aspire to in a few years a turnover in the billions. We want to be a Unicorn.” With the term “Unicorn” referred to in the Start-up scene, the company, the more than a billion euros or U.S. dollars.

Improved mobility in the city

in Order to reach the ambitious target of

The new company will have its headquarters in Berlin and initially with a staff of about 50 to start. By the end of 2017, there will be an estimated 200 Employees. Another important location in Germany will be Hamburg. The Hanseatic city and Volkswagen had agreed at the end of August, a strategic mobility partnership. The goal is to work together on solutions to make mobility in the city more environmentally friendly, safer and more efficient.

“Integrated transport solutions”

The Volkswagen subsidiary will initially be available in two business segments, namely, the journey of mediation via the App (“Ride Hailing”), and a range of Shuttle services in which passengers share a car (“Pooling”).

In the competition against the superior US-providers Uber joins Volkswagen as yet, only with a participation in the Start-up Gett from Israel. Users of the Gett App can currently tours in over 100 cities around the world by the push of a button, delivery services and logistics services book. Gett, for example, in London, Moscow, Tel Aviv and New York city – but is not represented so far in Germany. Unlike Uber you are looking for a close coordination with the regulatory authorities and municipalities, it said.

Even with the Pooling of services the Services to be provided on-demand via the App. “We focus on holistic transportation solutions, which make the individual traffic and public transport more efficient,” said Harms. Unnecessary individual could be avoided journeys in private transport and the existing road infrastructure.

E-vehicles should have priority

For the services Moia in the medium term, only electric-powered vehicles. To start to draw on existing models from the brands of the VW group, and later vehicles should be according to the specifications of Moia designed.

for months, kept secret the Name of the 13. Group brand of the Volkswagen was unveiled on Friday from the “startup scene”magazine, “NGIN Mobility”.

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