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Moia is VWs new brand for mobility service

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The New: Ole Harms (left) will lead Moia in the contract of VW CEO Matthias Müller to its success.

Moia brand number 13 is under the umbrella of the Volkswagen group. Instead of vehicles, the company aims to bring services related to mobility, such as car service and car sharing. The goal is been no longer clear: by the year 2025 a “substantial part of the consolidated revenue is to be achieved with the new business area,” said Moia-managing Director Ole Harms on Monday at the presentation at a London technology conference. “We want to develop in the medium term, one of the Top global Player in the mobility service providers.” For Moia will continue to develop new products, but also small, innovative companies to buy. In may it had secured a VW already shares in the Taxi App Gett.

The 13 brands of the VW group

Moia to Start-up with a steep development

the company’s headquarters is supposed to work Harms, according to Berlin, where initially 50 workers. The Team should grow quickly. As the second location of Volkswagen in Hamburg has chosen. With the city, VW has already agreed in the autumn of a three-year partnership in the area of mobility. The Board of Moia Frank Dilger for the commercial, and in January, Robert Henrich for the operational area in addition to Harms. Henrich has built in Stuttgart since 2010, the car-sharing service car2go with and has been for three years head of Daimler mobility subsidiary moovel Group.

the First electric vehicles from the group, then your own

For the Driving-and-forward and car-sharing services Moia in the medium term, only electric-powered vehicles. To start to draw on existing models from the brands of the VW group, and later vehicles should be according to the specifications of Moia designed.

the group focuses on digital business areas

the new company VW is responding to the Trend towards other forms of mobility in urban areas. In the for the future program “Together – strategy 2025″ had declared the group’s new mobility solutions and Digital Services to the core elements of the future.

VW, and the “future Pact”

After the incisions for VW-staff meets, it may be soon, the members of the management Board. According to the NDR information, it might give new compensation rules – not only in the corporate jets. (05.12.2016)

The “future Pact” removal with the scheduled posts for much conversation. At a VW-meeting the group’s top management defended their projects in front of the workforce. (30.11.2016)

According to the “future Pact” is now “Transform 2025+”: According to the brand chief Diess, Volkswagen will in future be relying mainly on electric mobility. No later than 2025 would be the world market leader. (22.11.2016)


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