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“The Internet is a tax haven”: the German tax authorities to be missed when … – FOCUS Online

“The Internet is a tax haven”: the German tax authorities to be missed when you trade Online million

Monday, 12.12.2016, 05:04

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The Federal court of auditors, massive tax complained of failures in the online trade. Particularly in the international trade on the Internet significant tax revenue lost to the state, said the court President Kay Scheller the Monday of the Newspapers of the Funke media expenditure group.

Although it was a “billion market”, have entered the Federal government in 2013, just 28 million euros. “This is what we see: The Internet is a tax haven,” said the authorities chief.

is Affected, according to the court President about the trading with Software, Games and music, which would be sold as purely digital products. It was practically the will of an entrepreneur depends on whether it is being declared the products or not, criticizing Scheller. “When selling in Germany, 19 percent are value-added tax. There is no tax control takes place. The tax losses are likely to be significant,” said the court President.

“a competitive device in the wrong location”

Scheller demanded that the Federal measures, in order to generate online revenue. “The government needs to know who is selling here is actually what”, said Scheller, the spark of Newspapers. He does not understand “why the big economic associations much Alarm. Here, the competition product, but in the wrong location”.

Scheller complained that the Federal government have a Central office for taxes, yet hardly Central to this phenomenon. “The Federal government has no concept, the necessary intelligence units to establish, in consultation with the countries,” criticized the authorities chief. Also the appropriate tools for investigations on the Internet.

tax administration “not anywhere good,”

The tax administration was also placed in the otherwise “well,” said Scheller. He criticized a decline in the audit rate of the tax audit and income tax audit. “There are big differences between the provinces,” said Scheller. In the case of the wage tax field audit had been noted in some cases that the deceased’s removal to the end of the audit rate with a put together is like. “We need a unified, Standards-influenced approach,” he urges.

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