Monday, December 12, 2016

Consumer protection – 6500 complaints about package delivery Sü


  • The consumer collects in a year the Internet reports of problems with package delivery services.
  • 6500 complaints have been received since then.

sitting in the house all day and waiting for the E-Mail announced a package deliverer, to deliver the long-awaited delivery. But it happens nothing. The impatience grows. In the evening, then one has a map in the letter: “We are unable to deliver the package.” At least then the collar.

About the package deliverer, you can complain for a year at the Portal “the package of Trouble”. About 6,500 complaints have been received since then, according to the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is responsible for the page in the Internet. Most of the people were angry because their package had not been delivered despite notice via a Smartphone App or E-Mail. Instead, the supplies would be brought in these cases, in the nearest branch or an adjacent business. Complaints there were, if packets are correctly delivered, or completely lost.

package messenger in Amazon-means gap to no Good

The group now wants to be the deliverer. A daring idea – against the other logistics equip. comment by Caspar buses more …

“The deliverer rang the doorbell at the front door of our apartment and refused to open the packages in our apartment in the 4. To wear floor,” writes an angry receiver on the complaint page. His wife was heavily pregnant and couldn’t do any Heavy lifting. “The deliverer wore cursing the packages, but still up, around, threw it and kicked it and accosted!” Right now, in the run-up to Christmas, the complaints are piling up, the packet services are particularly busy. To be able to the Christmas post in good time to deliver, for example, has set the Post more than 10 000 temporary employees.

The consumer evaluates the complaints of the “packet of Trouble” and submit it to the service providers with a request for comments within 14 days. “Your service was different than expected and you are upset, and rightly,” replied the parcel service. “That’s why we take note of your comment on the occasion, the extra quality in this area of delivery to test and optimize, so that is to be expected in the future with a proper delivery of the packages.”

they are published on The complaints and opinions on “the package of Trouble” anonymous. The goal is to get reliable data about the problems with the suppliers. On this Basis, they wanted to strengthen the recipient’s rights, says Iwona Husemann from the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia “, We see that the receiver actually has the weakest Position.” With this knowledge alone, it should not remain. In the coming year, the consumer wants to develop a Central concrete demands.

Until then, only the tip of the consumer remains the same: to compare the offers of the different package provider and to send the shipment a few days earlier on the way.

delivery status: the receiver is the nerve ready

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