Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Postbank-failure: Terminals are to run at midnight again – Handelsblatt

Terminal fault

In the night of Wednesday, the interference should be resolved.

(photo: Reuters)

BonnA Software glitch has prepared for customers of the Postbank problems: were At the service terminals of the Bank on Tuesday nationwide, no money transfers. Due to a technical malfunction, the possibility of money transfer to the devices was already disabled since Monday, reported a Postbank spokesman for the German press Agency. First, the “daily mirror had reported,” about the mishap.

The Postbank spokesman stressed that the error was found and a Software Patch to fix the problems have been successfully tested. The repair utility will now playing nationwide. The company assumed that, at the latest early Wednesday morning (00: 00) to all the Terminals again Transfers possible would be. Other functions of Service Terminals – such as the creation of account statements or the facility of standing orders – were not affected by the fault.

post to customers who wanted to transfer money, could alternatively use the Online Banking on the financial institution that Transfers by telephone, abandon or transfer documents in the branches. In the Postbank Rates provided costs for paper-based Transfers would be applied in these cases by the Bank, the spokesman said.

Postbank CEO Frank Strauss: “We are an interesting Investment”

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In the past few months, there was a whole series of Software glitches with the monetary institutions. In June, million customers, Postbank’s parent, Deutsche Bank, massive disruptions in Online Banking affected. At that time, more than 13 million entries were displayed incorrectly.

In July, then provided a data glitch at the Online-Bank Comdirect quite a stir, and the result was that users ended up after Login on third-party accounts, and the account was able to view statuses of other users. In September it met again customers of the German Bank. In November, a Software glitch resulted, finally, in the case of Targobank, a mess on the customer’s accounts.


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