Wednesday, December 14, 2016

IBM announces more than 25,000 new Jobs – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

announced just before a Meeting between the future us President Donald Trump, and chiefs of Tech companies, IT company, IBM, as 25,000 new hires. The project should be implemented in the next four years in the United States, wrote IBM Boss Ginni Rometty in an article for the newspaper “USA Today”. In the same period, the group will also invest one billion dollars (about 941 million Euro) in the training of its American employees. 6,000 of these jobs will be in the coming year.

An IBM spokesman would not comment as to whether the new hires, retirements factored in. However, he will assume that the number of IBM employees in the United States will be in the year 2020, higher than currently. The speaker also wanted to tell you how many people IBM employs in America. Worldwide, the group has a total of 378,000 employees.

IBM had previously Set mined

for messages from IBM to the sec shows that the number of employees for which IBM operates pension, fell from nearly 111.000 in 2010 84.350 in the past year. On the question of why IBM removal after this make an increase in its American workforce plans, relegating the IBM speaker on the contribution Romettys in the newspaper. There, she had written, of the group, “because the work is developing”.

Trump will come together on Wednesday with high-profile representatives from the Silicon Valley – including Rometty. She is a member of Trumps strategy and policy Forum, a group of American business leaders are concerned with boosting the economy and creating jobs. A Central theme to media reports, the creation of new Jobs in the United States. Trump had called on the Tech companies-particularly Apple – to bring more production in the home.

Elon Musk is also

The Meeting in New York is expected with voltage, because the relationship of several IT leaders with Trump during the election campaign was difficult. According to reports, among other things, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft Handlebar Satya Nadella and the head of the Google umbrella group Alphabet Larry Page should be. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sends, therefore, his managing Director, Sheryl Sandberg. According to recent information, the “New York Times” is also intended to get Jeff Bezos to New York.

The newly elected President and the Amazon-in-chief, the Trump critical of the “Washington Post” is one that had attacked in the past months of each other. The chief of electric car maker Tesla, Elon Musk, whose participation was unknown for a long time, it’ll come, it said.

Peter Thiel behind the idea?

participants will include Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, and the Co-Head of the SAP’s competitors Oracle, Safra Catz, according to information. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey had not been invited, wrote for the technology blog “Recode”. The Investor Peter Thiel, Trumps most prominent supporters in Silicon Valley, is said to have arranged the Meeting.

More about

The creation of new Jobs is one of the big promises with which Trump was elected President. Almost the entire electronics industry worldwide, but for a long time already, especially in China produce. The company emphasize, the reason is not only the cost of a lower wage, but also the proximity to supplier chains and offer a wide range of motivated young workers.

At the same time, Tim Cook and co. can certainly find common interests with Trump: The Tech companies make a long time for a tax reform. Above all, it is a matter for the foreign lower tax gains rate than the current 35 percent. The taxes are only due when the money actually comes in the United States – i.e., the billions in profits piling up abroad. Alone, Apple sits on a cash mountain of over 230 billion dollars, of which over 90 percent are located outside of America.


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