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Ministry of transport – VW-exhaust-affair: Federal motor transport authority … – Sü


  • The investigative Committee in the Bundestag to explain the VW exhaust affair.
  • transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt also ordered new measurements and an investigation report from the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt.
  • the report should, however, be passages have been deleted, in which the possibly illegal methods various manufacturers have been criticized.

The Trouble with the VW exhaust scandal doesn’t stop there: The Federal motor transport authority (KBA) to have deleted critical passages from a research report. In the first draft of the report, experts have written that several car manufacturers could have installed the illegal defeat devices in the final version of these passages should be gone. The reports in the mirror, BR Research and to the dpa news Agency.

After the scandal of manipulated emission tests Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) had used in September 2015, the “Commission of inquiry Volkswagen”. He also ordered that the KBA in the case of VW and other manufacturers should measure the exhaust gas values. The results of this Review in the investigation report, which was released in April.

Earlier versions of the report were sharper

In this final version of the affected 14 car on the diving models, they are assigned to a group, the nitrogen oxide values in the exhaust gas “is technically not sufficient to explain rails”. But from the detailed descriptions of the models, the relevant passages have been deleted to targeted Manipulation.

auto manufacturers trick – consumption deviates by an average of 42 percent

The corporations that would take advantage of “increasingly systematic use of loopholes”, action environmental researchers in a new study. Particularly large deviations in the case of cars in the Premium Segment. more …

In previous versions of the report had been referred to the authors, for example, in the case of the Opel Insignia and Zafira on the opinion of experts, Georg Wachtmeister, Technical University of Munich. It said that the exhaust has not been cleaned from the 17 degree outdoor temperature correctly. Literally, it was in the draft: “This opinion is based, the doubts as to the admissibility of this temperature-dependent Emission-reduction strategy.” This note is missing in the published version of the report.

Opposition: KBA-chief “obviously, a service provider to the automotive industry”

To Ask for the deletion of the text passages Opel referred to the Ministry of transport. You don’t want to comment on this allegation. The Ministry merely stated that in the affected vehicles, the investigation Commission had doubts as to whether the disconnection of the exhaust gas cleaning “could fully be with motor-protective reasons, justified and, therefore, admissible.” That’s why they were in the corresponding group.

The Opposition in the Bundestag criticized the sharp. KBA chief Ekhard Zinke understand”, obviously, as a service provider to the auto industry, and not as the head of a monitoring authority,” said Oliver Krischer, representing the Green group, as Chairman in the Committee of inquiry into the Diesel affair. Left-wing politician Herbert Behrens, Chairman of the Committee, said: “From the documents, it is clear that the Ministry of transport not only in the Volkswagen case, evidence of illegal defeat devices.” Why and by whom the own findings to finally have been censored, had to be explained in the investigation Committee.

on Thursday, the EU had initiated the Commission for an order for payment procedure against Germany and six other countries. The accusation: Germany/VW for the Manipulation of pollutant values for diesel cars is punished, and holding back information about the technical data.

Brussels opened because the exhaust gas scandal proceedings against Germany

trigger the trickery of the Volkswagen group. The EU Commission believes that the German Supervisory authorities have not controlled the group has sufficient. more…


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