Friday, December 9, 2016

Kaiser’s Tengelmann: Sigmar Gabriel, of the workers party – Handelsblatt

Christmas party

Federal Economics Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, attended the Christmas party of the works Council of Kaiser’s Tengelmann. The employees of the supermarket chain offers on the visit.

(photo: Reuters)

BerlinVolker bean makes an announcement. “When he gets out, there will be gossiping.” The same Sigmar Gabriel. Bean, shoulder-length gray hair, black Lederjoppe, “Berlin snout”, is the works Council-in-chief of Kaiser’s Tengelmann in the capital. He stands with two dozen employees in the Parking lot in front of the Central warehouse of the supermarket chain, which is now taken over by Edeka and Rewe. For almost 15,000 Employees this means that their Jobs are at least for the next five years.

Then the economy Minister. The warehouse worker, and cashier clapping on the inside. Bean has supplied. “All’s well that ends well,” says Gabriel satisfied. A Emperor’s employee is crying. Two years of Job-insecurity gnaw at the nerves. Gabriel takes her in his arms, strokes her on the cheek.

Behind him, two forklifts, which can hold a banner: “Thank Sigmar Gabriel”. Large cinema on the outskirts of Berlin for the social Democrats, who dithered for months on whether he will start in 2017 as the candidate for Chancellor against Angela Merkel. Not only Gabriel, the whole SPD is broken, just the head, whether or not Martin Schulz would be perhaps the better choice. In the new ARD-deutschlandtrend in Schulz is as popular as Merkel and is located in the K-issue in a direct duel with Gabriel clearly to the front.

Edeka and Tengelmann: Deals, the to the case for the Minister of economic Affairs were

The Goslar hides the Emperor’s canteen, where Christmas music is running and the disco light flashes. Gabriel grabs a chair, go sit at one of the tables, chatting. The Emperor’s Manager Tobias cloth Lenski, the guides in the capital, the fate of almost 150 branches, takes the micro. Only thanks to Gabriel, the high risk was left with the Minister’s permission, could celebrate the employees with a better sense of Christmas, he says.

A nice template for the Comrades. “I had no risk. The risk was with you the whole time," he replies. The Takeover by Edeka and Rewe would have burst, had 5000 to 8000 people lost their jobs. “I have to get ten articles more, he is an Idiot. But I’ve already got a 20", taunts Gabriel about his Image, and returns the class of the fighters. The professors and lawyers, who earned much more than any Emperor’s Employees, had made the Acquisition maggoty. Now you be quiet.

Aldi, Lidl, Edeka: These traders make Germany sick and tired of

He had to think of the two-year-old Poker the Schlecker women “You need to do differently.” His predecessor, the former FDP leader Philipp Rösler, had held at the time of the Schlecker insolvency, out cold from the “port usage” for the unemployed Schlecker women have spoken. Now the election campaign is just around the corner, 15 000 saved Jobs for a SPD boss are a hard currency. All parties in the Bundestag had been for the Minister’s permission – except for the Green, explained Gabriel.

in The end, he had questioned the rescue a little bit, he says, and is grateful to Tengelmann, the owner of Karl-Erivan Haub for his patience: “I had fear of me is missing.” After an hour, the Vice-Chancellor must go. Works Council chief bean says goodbye: “Now we must go but soon time shopping together,” says Gabriel. He has promised bean.


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