Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lufthansa: Thorsten Dirks will be the future Eurowings – MIRROR ONLINE

Industry-stranger takes on the most difficult Job of the Lufthansa. Mobile Manager Thorsten Dirks will be the future of the controversial low-cost airline Eurowings.



Eurowings machine

The Lufthansa appoints the longtime mobile Manager Thorsten Dirks to the Board of Directors for the low-cost airline Eurowings. The chief of the under the O2 brand known Telefonica Germany will take over the Board positions in may of Karl Ulrich Garnadt, the largest German airline on Wednesday. Garnadt shall on the grounds of age.

born in Hamburg, Dirk’s to get a contract for three years and should bring in addition to the Euro wings is also the digital business of the Lufthansa. He is also a for daughters, such as the Catering offshoot LSG responsible. Its withdrawal in the case of O2, the 53 announced-Year-old just two weeks ago. At the time, he called his next employer.

With Dirks has been elected to a company insider, according to a Manager with no Lufthansa-barn smell. “The group wanted someone not to be cut off by the Expansion of eurowings has its own roots in the case of Lufthansa,” said a with the appointment of a familiar Person. Therefore, the New will also take on more responsibility and in the Euro-wings-headquarters in Cologne to work. “He should be able to talk to the Lufthansa Headquarters in Frankfurt, too.”

Dirks does with the Euro wings is one of the Central projects for the future of the Airline and one of the most difficult Jobs in the group. For Lufthansa, the rapid Expansion of Euro wings is a priority, to stop the rise of Low-Cost Airlines such as Ryanair in Germany. The new establishment is to fly 40 percent cheaper than Lufthansa.

However, the fleet is because of an old agreement with the pilots on 23 aircraft limited. Lufthansa stationed therefore Eurowings-Jets abroad, where the Crews earn less. The unions of pilots and flight driving companions on the barricades. The latter, more than Euro wings already, the conflict is still unresolved.


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