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Erdogan pleads with his people: Turks should get out “of foreign currency under the pillow” – THE WORLD

Die pedestrian area of Besiktas is one of the liveliest quarters of Istanbul. During the day the shops are well attended, in the evening, the many Bars and Raki Restaurants.

And at home games of the President of the Turkish football master you can move between celebrating Fans and the weekend hustle and bustle with the greatest difficulty, through the narrow streets of the old town.

it is not los is Measured on dull December much – also not in the exchange offices. “This is Besiktas, here, no one changes his dollars, just because the President wants this,” says an employee. “Before people listen to Erdogan, buy from you, rather in Spite of dollars.”

a few days Ago, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on the citizens to change their “foreign currency under the pillow” in Turkish Lira or Gold. “My dear people, I love you for Allah. Who has a cushion of foreign exchange, under the head, to exchange them for Lira in Gold. Why should we let the foreign exchange gain?", the state asked the President.

Dollar crack psychologically important limit

a Total of 17.3 per cent, has lost the Turkish Lira since the beginning of the year against the US Dollar and 16.5% against the Euro. In mid-September, the price began to decline; since the beginning of November, there is a steep downhill.

The Dollar has exceeded the psychologically important level of 3.50 Lira, the Euro topped – the a record – the mark of 3.70.

source: infographic world

First of all, declared ACP politicians the decline of the Turkish currency with the election of Donald Trump. People like the smart, for economic Affairs Deputy head of government Mehmet Simsek try since then, foreign journalists, and investors to convince that this rate will decline only temporarily.

But apart from the Mexican Peso has suffered no other currency in recent weeks, so much under the recent rise of the Dollar.

And maybe such a defensive crisis explanation even after Erdogan’s taste: “If we take these steps, the game will be some people frustrated,” he explained to his call.

“The coup, you will not be able to realize with your blood-thirsty monsters, they are now attempting to realize with the interest rates, foreign exchange and the stock exchange.”

Who are these “some people”, said Erdogan. So nebulous is the responsible, so it is clear ideologues for the ACP, the drop in the Lira is a “new Operation”.

The always same goal: to overthrow Erdogan, and thus the rise of Turkey to a global large – how thus, already during the coup attempt in the summer, the anti-corruption investigations by the end of 2013, or the Gezi Park protests in the spring of the same year.

so the call to the population, the fades in Besiktas unheard of. 18 per cent repeated the ACP here in the parliamentary election in November last year, their worst result in the whole of Istanbul.

ACP-tag on the consequences of the exchange call

Quite different Üsküdar opposite side of the Bosphorus. Poorer than Besiktas, and strictly religious and conservative. An AKP stronghold. Here the tube is actually a small queue formed queue in front of the exchange. “This is our Patriotic duty,” says a pensioner. 600 US Dollar he wants to change in Lira.

party in government is pushing plans for a presidential system

The Transition to a presidential system of government in Turkey. The Opposition, however, because the Reform President Erdogan would be, in their view, too much Power.

source: The world

“just as we have repelled the coup attempt with tanks, we will fend off this coup attempt with foreign exchange,” says a bus driver the 40. He would like to exchange more, but more than 500 dollars and 300 euros, he didn’t. “We Muslims should keep us from the Dollar”, is also a student.

Only a business owner that would provide for the Presentation of the gift receipt for free Goods or services, not made in Üsküdar yet.

The budgie for free

by the AKP-controlled media are full of Reports about such private initiatives: In the North-East Anatolian Erzincan offers a hairdresser to anyone who can prove the exchange of at least $ 300, a free haircut or shave. In the southern Turkey metropolis of Adana, a vegetable seller promises to potatoes, four pounds of onions (minimum exchange: $ 400).

In the South-East Anatolian Siirt rewarded a pet shop retailer the Patriotic use with a parakeet ($ 1,000). In the North-West Anatolian Bursa, a stonemason donated a headstone ($ 2,000).

And finally: In the Eastern Anatolian Van of the high school principal, the University hall promises to name after a Patriotic money-changers – this, however, only in the case of a conversion of a half Million dollars.

The mockery on the Internet is great

Yet almost as big as the zeal of the ridicule of others. On Twitter the photo of a food retailer that has attached to his door a slip of paper circulating changes: “Every member, Minister or entrepreneur, the foreign exchange, a loaf of bread for nothing.”

And Selin Sayek-Böke, spokeswoman for the social democratic CHP, and former employee of the world Bank, writes in reference to the corruption scandal surrounding some of the members of the political Establishment: “you should only have to exchange the Dollars in Shoe boxes.”

goes One step further with your party colleague, Yasemin Cankurtaran: “After each statement by the state President of the dollar exchange rate has made a new leap,” says the financial expert, initiated before the change in the policy of a private company in the industry, in an interview with the “world”.

It was not “inconceivable” that Erdogan knows that such calls would only incite panic on the stock exchanges. “I think he does it intentionally to stir up in the run-up to the planned constitutional referendum in the crisis. Because in times of crisis, voters cling mostly to the Ruling."

doubts as to effectiveness of the exchange-action

most of The independent commentators and scientists doubt, however, that the Turkish national currency with the such a bold exchange campaigns are based. “A company can not change your claims to Lira, if you are indebted in dollars or euros,” argued the renowned left-wing Economist Korkut Boratav.

Not only for him, to have the currency turmoil very well with developments in Turkey: The public debt is low, but the higher the debt accumulated by companies and households in recent years – a result of a disproportionate consumption and the construction industry-based economy.

Turks have a high level of debt

an annual inflation rate of seven percent, a chronically negative current account balance are Added, which is why the credit rating Agency Moody’s, the Turkish government lowered bonds in September to junk status.

Since the protests in Gezi square, with which the authoritarian development of the Erdogan regime was in front of the eyes of the world public, has lost the Lira by the way, a whopping 35 percent against the Euro and a whopping 46 percent against the U.S. Dollar.

on the Other hand: On Tuesday, the Lira rose for the first time in a week, so that a Dollar was worth less than 3,50 Lira. But still Erdogan didn’t say anything.


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