Sunday, December 11, 2016

Iran and the US Boeing sign billion contract – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Tehran (Reuters) – Iran’s national Airline Iran Air and US aircraft manufacturer Boeing have signed a contract for the purchase of 80 machines.

In the presence of Minister of transport Abbas Achundi signed on Sunday, Iran Air chief Farhard Parwaresch and a regional Boeing representative, the contract with a volume of 16.6 billion dollars (15.7 billion euros).

The 80 machines – 50 Boeing 737 aircraft and 30 Boeing 777 – will be charged to the Iran within the next ten years. The first machine to be passed in 2018, Parwaresch, according to the ISNA news Agency.

The Deal is also a political achievement for President Hassan Rouhani. Had set according to his choice, 2013, the nuclear negotiations with the five UN veto powers and Germany, and two years later, the Vienna agreement. His critics had accused him since then, to have with the nuclear agreement will be no economic benefits for the country.

in addition, it hopes, a security source said that the Iranians, with the new machines use more foreign lines, but again Iran Air for your flight travel. Furthermore, Rouhani also plans to re-with long flights of the Iran Air route to North America. There Iran Air expects to have a lucrative business, because many in the USA and Canada, live Persian travel at least once in a year in Iran.

The last business between Iran and Boeing was in front of almost 37 years. Then the Islamic Revolution and the rupture of diplomatic relations after the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and the hostage taking of Embassy personnel in 1979.

According to the U.S. abgesegnetem nuclear deal by 2015 has allowed Boeing initially, the sale of spare parts for civilian passenger aircraft to Iran. In addition to the new Boeing machine, Iran for the modernization of its obsolete aircraft fleet is already 118 Airbus Jets ordered.


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