Sunday, December 11, 2016

Boeing brings Trump with a big order from Iran in the terminal – THE WORLD

Boeing brings the future US President Donald Trump with his own arguments in the trouble. As America’s largest aviation group has agreed to a months-long stalemate and now the supply of 80 aircraft to Iran in the final.

to hit The on the one hand, to the General reservations of the Republican Trump against the Iran-shops, but Boeing tried to wipe it with one of his main arguments from the table. The orders for the list price of 16.6 billion dollars would nearly save 100,000 U.S. jobs, said Boeing in a statement.

The aviation group, thus taking up a Mantra of Trump, wants to ensure with all the means of domestic jobs and penalize firms that relocate abroad. Boeing is forcing the new US President is now to a confession of what is more important: jobs or in the election campaign repeatedly made the announcement that the Iran-nuclear-agreement, with the far-reaching easing of economic sanctions, again, to turn back.

conflict to Air simmering

the signing of The Boeing-Iran-contracts is another needle in the non-harmonious relationship between the leading air travel group and the new President. This was recently criticised Boeing via Twitter for the cost of the two new presidential Jumbo jet, which would cost about four billion dollars. Therefore, the project of the Air Force One should be deleted, he said.

Now, Boeing is waving with the biggest export business for the USA in Iran for 36 years. The order for 50 models of the type 737 Max 8 and 30 wide-body jets of the type 777 secure directly to tens of thousands of Bodies, argues the industry group. Including its suppliers, even 1.5 million jobs in the United States would be secured by Boeing. The first machines are to be delivered in 2018. The order supposedly has a term of ten years.

Boeing refers to the fact that in June with the airline Iran Air already in the Declaration of intent for the delivery was signed. The agreement fulfilled the conditions of the September agreement with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The focus is on the so-called Office of Foreign Assets Control, so the release of U.S. technology to foreign customers.

Airbus wants to deliver the Iran aircraft

also, In September, Airbus has been given the green light for aircraft deliveries to Iran. Airbus is supposed to 112 aircraft, including twelve of the giant Airbus A380. However, it is questionable whether it is actually in this volume, and whether Iran A380 ordered.

Trump blames President-Boeing

Donald Trump has made it clear that he is on the presidential Boeing. The costs ran out of control and were now more than four billion dollars, tweeted Trump. Boeing fights back now.

source: Reuters

industry experts pointed out that in the case of the now sealed Boeing order in the beginning of 100 aircraft was spoken and now 80 models have been agreed. There is still no information about whether Iran Air will buy the aircraft or the least. The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus needs the consent of the US authority, because in the models of more than ten percent U.S. technology are stuck.

The now-initiated delivery of new aircraft is another Chapter on the way to normality in the relations of the air transport industry with Iran. Even before the easing of economic sanctions in the spring of 2016, the spare parts and plant maintenance business has been revived. So, for example, in Germany, MTU Aero Engines engines of Iranian aircraft to be serviced.

For the aviation industry of Iran, with its approximately 80 million inhabitants, a giant market of the future. There are around 400 larger passenger aircraft. But only about half will meet the European safety standards. The others are mainly used for domestic flights.


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