Friday, December 2, 2016

Euro wings and Verdi, to achieve collective agreement for cabin staff – MIRROR ONLINE

Verdi and Eurowings have agreed on a salary increase for Cabin staff. The competitive trade-Union, Udo criticized the agreement as a “massive provocation”.

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The Verdi trade Union and the Euro wings have in collective bargaining for approximately 460 cabin employees at the Lufthansa cheap plane reaching an agreement. Both sides indicated on Friday evening. Accordingly, the salaries of the flight attendants will increase to 1. October 2016 to 2.5 percent, on 1. October 2017 and a further 2.5 percent and 1. October 2018 by a further 1.25 per cent for the period of six months.

Eurowings wool offer this in conclusion, that the competition’s Union, Ufo, said it. Ufo had picked up at the end of October the Euro wings.

The Union, Ufo, called, however, the collective statements of Eurowings with Verdi as a “massive provocation”. “For the avoidance of labor disputes, this does not contribute,” said Ufo-collective expert Nicoley Baublies on Friday evening, the German press Agency. He spoke with a view to the contract-conclusion of an “undercutting collective bargaining agreement.” Ufo have higher demands. The Union will advise the completion of the specific rate and the procedure to follow.

“to be At the limit of the economically Justifiable”

Both the unions claim, in eurowings, the stronger Union. Both unions to reach a collective agreement would have to be set, a so-called bargaining unit procedures – in the event that the contracts conflict with each other. Then you would have to be notarized to be found, who has the most Union members. The collective agreement of the trade Union, which has the most members, would then apply.

Eurowings-personnel-in-chief Jörg Beißel said, with the conclusion with Verdi, the company had gone to the “limits of what is economically Justifiable”. The agreement is an important milestone on the way to the solution of the collective conflicts in the Euro-wings-cabin.

the Verdi Federal Board member Christine Behle said it was a “very good result”. The good result had been achieved mainly due to the willingness of the employees to strike for their just demands.


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