Friday, December 2, 2016

Barack Obama stops Aixtron sales to China – security concerns – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The White house has vetoed the Chinese Takeover of the German machine manufacturer, Aixtron. The Americans fear that the Chinese could use the company and military.

headquarters in Herzogenrath


the group’s headquarters in Herzogenrath

The planned Acquisition of the German specialty machinery maker Aixtron by a Chinese company is on the opposition of U.S. President Barack Obama failed. The White house block, due to national security concerns, the business, informed the U.S. government on Friday.

the Background for the US Veto are fears that Aixtron’s products could also be military. Aixtron values against the adoption: “Our systems do not represent a security risk,” it said.

On the stock exchange in the TecDax-listed Aixtron shares lost in the meantime, more than five percent, and continued to the crash of the past few weeks.

The US government has a say, because the company is based in Herzogenrath near Aachen has also had a branch in California, with approximately one hundred employees. The authority of CFIUS, had spoken out in mid-November against the Takeover by the Chinese, the case, but the White house said.

Federal government wants to be independent

decide the Extent to which the Federal government put a US Veto, is open. A Ministry spokesman stressed that the house decisions independently.

It would be only the third Time since 1990 that a U.S. President of a company that prevents a takeover by a foreign Investor due to safety concerns. The deadline for Obama’s decision runs early Saturday morning German time.

The Chinese consortium Grand Chip Investment (GCI), behind the state-controlled funds stuck, had submitted a takeover offer of about 670 million euros.

Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had agreed to the Deal, first of all, his Declaration of no objection, but later revoked and a re-examination announced.

Aixtron manufactures, as well as its 700 employees and machines for the chip industry and is used for a Long time because of a weak order situation in the crisis. Chinese investors accessed the last company is strengthening after German medium-sized companies and technology.


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