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Volkswagen – power trial on the open stage at VW Sü


  • In the case of a meeting of the VW employees, it arrived on Thursday, apparently to a trial of strength between the VW brand boss, Herbert Diess and the works Council chief Bernd Osterloh.
  • This brought a 40-hour working week for parts of the workforce to the game – a collective agreement is not available for Osterloh to the debate.
  • Also on key points of the so-called “Zukunftspakts” from VW to stand up in the middle of November, the group’s management do not agree.

In the negotiations for the so-called “future Pact” at Volkswagen are hardened the fronts apparently. As the employees should be informed on Thursday about the current state of discussions, it came up on the open stage for the showdown between VW brand boss, Herbert Diess and the works Council chief Bernd Osterloh. The Manager and the employee representative disagree as to how the future of the Pact.

the measures will save VW billion and at the same time the group restructure in order to cope with the effects of the exhaust gas affair and the companies to prepare themselves for a possible Era of the electric drive. The management of the company of Volkswagen wrestles with the works Council to reach an agreement.

A little bit of honesty in the case of VW

Because VW tricking the CO₂ recently less, it raises the unpleasant question of why the other manufacturers don’t follow suit. By Klaus Ott and Katja Riedel more …

The 35-hour-week at VW in-house collective bargaining agreement

The meeting on Thursday was not open to the public. Nevertheless, the urge to go outside, that Diess has spoken in his speech before the employees of a possible 40-hour working week for parts of the workforce, specifically for the employees in the area of Technical development. It remained unclear whether Diess understood as a requirement or as an Option – and whether he linked the work with wage compensation or not. So far, a 35-hour week applies to almost all of VW employees. This is regulated in the collective bargaining agreement.

the head of The group works Council, Bernd Osterloh, is not, it was clear that the collective bargaining agreement was up for debate. The works Council is not going to give up the privileges of the workforce without a fight. Deteriorations in income and working hours, he will share never, Osterloh have in front of several Thousand employees repeatedly. The mood of the workforce to be heated: Whereas Osterloh nature got a lot of approval from the staff, to Diess’ explanations for dissatisfaction.

Within three weeks to the “future Pact”

In the negotiations, brand, chef Herbert will seek Diess savings of several billion euros, it says. Currently, a savings program, the cost of 2017 anyway cuts of five billion euros per year is already up and running. The works Council wants to agree to further austerity measures, however, only under certain conditions: in addition to the inviolability of the collective bargaining agreement Osterloh wants to guarantee that compulsory redundancies will be omitted. The job losses would take place over an early retirement or semi-retirement. In addition, certain employment should be guaranteed pay for the respective locations.

in addition, the works Council calls for commitments from the Management of investment. He also made in a Writing substantially, which was distributed at the meeting to the workforce. The future Pact could not be a pure savings program. It is also important to prepare the company for an era of new technologies, – said in the letter. Necessary Commitments for “skills and products at our locations”.

Diess and Osterloh are under time pressure: in mid-November, the Supervisory Board of VW wants to adopt the Budgets of the respective trademarks for the next five years. This works only if the “future Pact” is the core brand VW in the meantime. It will probably be a tough struggle.

This brand is to the future of VW secure

At the Paris auto salon VW introduces the new electric cars, but also announces the 13. Brand of the group. With the car build has to do but little. By Thomas Fromm more …


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