Friday, October 21, 2016

Daimler reports record profit


car”; The Car division a while a record result and has also become significantly more profitable. However, in North America, the business – especially in the case of the truck

falters The shops at Daimler did not run well in the third quarter – only in the case of heavy trucks. Since the Truck division, charged well, Daimler cut its expectations for sales and revenue easily. The profit forecast for the year.

Daimler stock Chart show has retracted in the third quarter, a record result, the Outlook for the group CEO Dieter Zetsche lowers. Adjusted result before interest and taxes (Ebit) from ongoing business rose from July to September compared to the same period last year by 10 per cent to four billion euros, the company said.

in particular, demand in the passenger Car division made for the Plus. However, the division’s Mercedes, the strong increase in profit in the Car-Benz a slump in the trucking business by 37 percent compared to.

The group revenue rose 4 percent to 38.6 billion euros. The Stuttgart-based car maker, surpassing expectations of analysts polled By reuters experts had forecast, on average, adjusted Ebit of EUR 3.8 billion and a turnover of 38.5 billion euros. “We again demonstrated that our strategy is right. We will continue our course consistently,” said CEO Dieter Zetsche.

USA debit: sales and sales forecast lowered earnings forecast

However, the car maker took back its expectations of sales and revenue for the group. In the case of the Proceeds of Daimler is now forecasting only with that of the previous year of around 150 billion euros. As one of the main reasons for the weakness of the truck market, especially in North America. Already in the spring, the car maker had taken because of the problems in North America, the expectations for its Truck division.

“reason for the weakening demand in the most important Truck markets,” said chief financial officer Bodo Uebber. Daimler makes a good fifth of its sales with trucks. The paragraph will only be called slightly instead of significantly, i.e. by a maximum of 5 per cent and not more than 5 percent, it will increase.

Alone, sales of Daimler Trucks broke in the third quarter by 19 percent to 7.9 billion, operating profit slumped 41 per cent. In North America, Daimler had cars with 31.400 vehicles 20,000 load less sold. In Brazil, it looks as if a bottom had been found, said Uebber. But there is still no hard evidence.

The expectations for the European market, the manufacturer takes back. “In Europe, we see high price pressure in the Truck market,” said Uebber. Under the weak demand could suffer in the first line workers. “We have a high degree of flexibility in the works and are able to adapt to the demand,” said Uebber.

Daimler’s car business is thriving, however, is undiminished, even if the manufacturer expects a somewhat weaker market development than in the past. The Dax-listed group had sold in the first nine months of 1.6 million cars – an increase of 12 percent. The group scored the car, especially with its sports grounds and the new E-class. The strongest growth was in Swabia, in the small division of Mercedes-Benz Vans achieved. Thanks to the high demand for the V-class, this earned in the last quarter, with a good 312 million euros, almost two-thirds more.

May, Daimler has lost in Terms of profitability BMW

The adjusted return in the Car business was up 11.4 percent in the third quarter of a percentage point over the prior-year quarter. Daimler could be in order, not only in sales but also in profitability this quarter, ahead of the rivals BMW and Audi.

let The Outlook for the Daimler unchanged: Uebber said the profit forecast was, however, “despite volatile sales and financial markets”. In terms of operating profit, the group is aiming to a value slightly above the almost 14 billion euros from the previous year.




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