Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Volkswagen affair: US judge praises VW-comparison – subject – MIRROR ONLINE

as indicated, The Federal district court in San Francisco in the exhaust gas scandal of Volkswagen, consent to the billions of dollars in comparison to the group with car owners in the United States. The judge said he was “strongly inclined” to approve the approximately ten billion Dollar package to buy back, or repair of affected vehicles.

judge Charles Breyer said after several hours of hearing, however, his decision-he’ll only be on 25. October.

Breyer also gave preliminary green light for the agreement from VW with its brand merchants. This provides for a compensation of the VW-dealer of 1.21 billion dollars, because they could not sell for almost a year, no diesel cars.

During the three-hour court hearing had taken the VW to the approval of the judge. About 339.000 diesel owners in the U.S. have already registered, the offer of Compensation for the group accept, said VW’s attorney, Robert Giuffra. The rejection rate was less than one percent.

Overall, it comes to around 480,000 VW diesel wagon with 2.0-litre engines, which are equipped with Software to Trick the exhaust gas tests. With the U.S. government and private plaintiffs VW had negotiated a settlement in the amount of around 15 billion dollars.

VW offers the diesel owners in the United States, depending on the model type and year of construction between 5100 and 10,000 dollars per vehicle as compensation. In addition, the group must offer to repurchase or conversion of the diesel car in a compliant state.

comparison of 3.0-Liter-engines

Despite the positive signal from judge Breyer, the exhaust gas affair for the Wolfsburg-based group in the US is still a long way out. The court must also deal with the illegal Software to control Emissions, equipped with 3.0-Liter engines. Thus, it is mainly about cars, the important group subsidiary Audi, and Porsche.

For the affected around 85,000 models wrestles, the company is still a comparison, and shall submit to the beginning of November, the first proposals for a modification. Experts estimate that VW could cost a solution for the larger engines of the most luxurious models of around two billion dollars.

Now the U.S. Department of justice, will take place at the same time, VW-automotive suppliers, Bosch is more targeted. Plaintiff had to switch on the Basis of Written exchanges between VW and Bosch, which have arisen in the process against VW, your class-action lawsuit expanded and strengthened against Bosch directed. You want to prove to the supplier complicity.

One of the main points, such as SPIEGEL ONLINE reported back in the summer: Bosch is said to have asked VW for a release of liability, because of the planned use of the Software is legally prohibited. Specifically, the allegations directed against group CEO Volkmar Denner said.

The combination of Bosch and the VW group in the case of the illegal Software is evident in the correspondence from the Audi engineers. So an Audi engineer by E warned, according to information from SPIEGEL ONLINE in may 2008-email to the VW to reveal a development partner to the Bosch prior to this, the US authorities too much about the Software of the diesel models.


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