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U.S. judge signals approval for billion-range VW in front of a breakthrough in … –

Could soon  be back to the topic: The future of VW.


Could soon be back to the topic: The future of VW.

as indicated, The Federal district court in San Francisco in the exhaust gas scandal of Volkswagen’s approval of the billion expensive compared to the group with car owners in the United States. He was “strongly inclined” to approve the ten-billion-Dollar package to buy back, or repair of the affected vehicles, said judge Charles Breyer on Tuesday after several hours of hearing. His decision, he’s going on 25. October. Also, Breyer gave a preliminary green light for the agreement from VW with its brand merchants. This provides for a compensation of the VW-dealer of 1.21 billion dollars, because they could not sell for almost a year, no diesel cars.

in June, for the first time, the proposed agreement provides that 475,000 VW diesel owners can sell their cars with Two-litre engines with rigged exhaust gas values of the group back or have it repaired. Overall, the comparison that also includes five billion dollars for environment Fund costs, including dealer compensation the Dax group of up to 16.7 billion dollars, the equivalent of around 15.3 billion euros. It has the highest reparation, had to make a car maker in the United States.

According to a VW-lawyer have said in the meantime 339.000 customers with the settlement agreement. You can choose whether you leave your car VW buy it back or fix it. Only 3200 car owner not accepted the offer. Also, there are now 17 States that want to ride in front of a court that is higher than the offered compensation.

Volkswagen had admitted in September 2015, under pressure from the U.S. environmental protection authorities to have in Diesel passenger Cars, for illegal Software used. This detects whether a car is put to the test – and he also keeps only the emission limits. In normal traffic on the street, the pollutant emissions are many times higher. Worldwide, around eleven million vehicles are affected. In Europe, the Problem with recall actions will continue over the coming year will be made in the workshop of the world. A of politicians and consumer activists demanded compensation for the customer in addition, VW is denied.

Unsolved in the United States is the cleanup of the exhaust problem at about 85,000 vehicles from VW, Audi and Porsche, with Three-Liter engine. The group negotiated with the environmental authorities on a comparison of the billions in additional costs. By the end of October, Volkswagen will have to submit his proposals for a solution to the 3.0-Liter engines. For the 3. November judge Breyer scheduled a further hearing. He urged the parties to reach an agreement.

in Addition, the penalty payment is through the U.S. Department of justice. On the group’s billion-dollar damages from VW to rolls in addition to shareholders, the by to late to Inform about the exhaust violation rate to lament their losses. Analysts estimate that the work-up of the scandal will cost the group at the end of a total of between 20 and 35 billion euros, even up to 50 billion, the speech is separated. For the previously estimated costs, VW has placed a € 17.8 billion.

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