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The 2016 election year in the United States. Republicans and Democrats compete in the 58. Presidential election of the United States of America. On 8. November chooses the American people. Read the latest developments of the US election campaign here in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

in a nutshell: Donald Trump is on the target. He has reached the nomination required delegate number. His worst intra-party rival, Ted Cruz, has announced to re-defeat his exit from the presidential campaign. In the case of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has defeated their opponent, Bernie Sanders. She is the first woman candidate for a major party as a candidate for the office of the President.

Hillary Clinton makes fundraising a renewed personal record on

09.27 PM: U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has placed in September a new personal monthly record in the Collection of campaign contributions. The donations added up over the month to a total of 154 million dollars (about 137 million euros), as Clinton announced on Saturday. Of which $ 84 million went directly to their campaign organization, and the Rest was paid to the democratic party.

in September Alone, have donated more than 900,000 people for their election fight, said Clinton. In total, there were 2.6 million citizens. In order to have enough money for the expensive final push for the mobilization of the voters to 8. November.

in August, the candidate of the Democrats, had collected a record amount of 143 million dollars in donations. Her Republican rival Donald Trump came to $ 90 million. Its Donations report for the month of September he has not yet published. The controversial real estate billionaire had given at the beginning of September, to have controls almost 60 million euros out of his own pocket to his campaign.

Donald Trump should have avoided 18 years of tax payments

Sunday, 02. October, 07.31 PM: U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump< / strong> could have avoided a newspaper report that 18 years as a legal way for tax payments. In its tax return for the year of 1995, Trump made losses in the amount of 916 million dollars (about 814 million euros), reported the “New York Times” on Saturday evening. Although no one knows how much Trump in the years which followed, deserved, would have been sufficient for this sum, therefore, to subtract to 18 years, $ 50 million a year of taxable income.

The “New York Times” had come, according to their own information via an anonymous source on the tax Declaration of real estate billionaire. Accordingly, the losses of 1995, especially on trump’s financial fiasco with Casinos in the East coast city of Atlantic City and other Debacles in the Hotel and airline business. The theme is for the Republicans particularly delicate, since he refuses, contrary to the decades-long practice for US presidential candidate to publish his tax returns.

Trump was not personally on the report of the “New York Times”. His campaign team simply said that Trump was a “highly-qualified business man”, the “no longer pays taxes as required by law”. The “New York Times” accused the Team of the Declaration to be the “extended arms of the Clinton campaign”.

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