Sunday, October 2, 2016

Real estate economy: a turnaround in the housing sector-FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is missing

Munich (Reuters) – The housing construction in Germany is lagging behind, according to the real estate industry, the actual needs far. “We have to turn in new housing construction, the necessary trend, not yet reached,” says Andreas Ibel, Chairman of the Federal Association of the real estate industry.

“The number of building permits increased in the first half of the year, but not even half of the permits is in the missile housing.”

On this Tuesday, opens in Munich for the Expo Real property fair, housing is an important issue. “The biggest hurdle for affordable new construction is, and remains, the shortage of Land,” criticized Ibel.

“Just in the big cities are much reported to little faces.” The reason for the criticism: In the first half of the year, the number of building permits in Germany, according to the Federal statistical office, by 26 percent to 213 600 dwellings increased, but the traditional apartment houses with three or more apartments only 95-000, accounted for.

According to the assessment of real estate associations is a result of the strong increase in building permits, particularly to a special effect: at the beginning of this year, the Federal government had tightened the requirements for the construction industry in the energy saving regulation EnEV for a second Time.

“The most important factor for the increase in building permits of the pull-forward effect as a result of the EnEV-tightening in January 2016,” said Ibel. Many builders have submitted their building permits as a precautionary measure by the end of 2015, to bypass the due to the changes caused by increase of the construction costs.

“We in the Alliance for affordable Housing and construction developed a number of recommendations that must now be urgently implemented,” said Ibel. “So far, the policy sends no signals that it would now be a jerk. The accompanying measures for housing, it is missing at all levels.”

The real estate industry has multiple claims to housing boost. The increase in the straight-line depreciation on the wear and tear (Depreciation) of residential buildings to at least three percent. One of the big coalition actually planned special depreciation had failed in Berlin, the disagreement between the Union and the SPD.

“is part of a nationwide reduction of property acquisition tax on an investment-friendly level,” said BID Chairman.

Ibel pleaded, in addition, via unorthodox measures, such as an “apartment shared premium” for citizens to buy a condo, you want to inhabit self-reflect. “Finally, a rental apartment, each moving in your own home free, which is a relief, in turn, the housing market,” said Ibel.

In the Federal Association of the real estate industry have concluded six major associations. Ibel is President of the Federal Association of Free real estate and housing companies (BFW) and has taken over the chair of the working group in July.


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