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Tuifly: Pilot grabs: The truth behind the Chaos – FOCUS Online

Friday, 07.10.2016, 22:36
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The holiday airline Tuifly to an end the state of emergency is in sight. After the massive failures of the last day of the holiday airline Tuifly expects to return to a largely normal flight operations Sunday.

“Probably 115 flights will start,” said the Airline on Friday after Mediation talks in the lower Saxony Ministry of economy. From operational Tuifly had to cancel reasons, but on Saturday, large parts of the flight program – 118 flights were affected. In Parallel, Tui additional flights organize. The latest information on which flights to take place, nevertheless, you will find on the page of Tuifly.

Previously, had deflected from the travel group and was contrary to the demands of the workers with a minimum of three years of location and tariff guarantee. In addition, a decision on the proposed reorganisation was postponed from the end of September to mid-November, in order to give more time to the search for viable alternative proposals. Detlef Ahting, representatives of the trade Union Verdi at the Mediation meeting, called the found solution is a good basis. The conversations of the next few weeks should show whether she was resilient.

Collective sick messages

a week Ago it was reported that Tuifly will be integrated into a new umbrella holding company, under the leadership of Etihad. Representatives of workers feared Job losses and criticized to imprecise information. Since then, the collective result in sickness of the crews, flight cancellations and massive delays. Is also affected, Air Berlin, because a third of the Tuifly fleet is flying and Crews for the Berlin. Tuifly is dependent on the resumption of the flights, the crew shall report back to the service.

Pilot raises serious allegations

Responsible for the current Situation, in particular Supervisory Board was the CEO Henrik Homann, now claims a Tuifly-Pilot. The staff explained that the “image”newspaper: “He is an arsonist, has for many years operated mismanagement.”

the in-house project “OneAviation” it was a failure. Together with four sister companies in England, Holland, Belgium and Norway, should be established in a large European Airline. But: “Homann has it messed up completely. The airline, today there are not, and never will be,” says the Pilot.

sent The planned restructuring have Homann a week ago without any warning in an e-Mail in the internal “Management Letter”. “That was a shock. It is so, nothing will be as it once was. And he has informed that just in writing,” complains the Pilot who wants to remain anonymous.

Tuifly to stay for at least three years in Hannover

the tourism group assured of Tui, the Airline Tuifly to stay for the duration of at least three years, a German company based in Hannover, Germany. Today’s contracts of employment remained in place as long as it and there are no cuts in salaries. Further meetings with the representatives of the employees, starting Monday, for the next week, agreed.

employee worked extra shifts

In the case of Tuifly were down on Friday almost all of the flights. The Airline tried with rented machines and Crews a portion of the failures. Thousands of passengers were affected. Also, Air Berlin had to paint according to their own figures 50 to 90 flights. About 45 percent of the flight program could be offset by volunteer Crews from Air Berlin and subcharter flights, the Airline. More than 1,000 employees have volunteered to do extra shifts in order to care for passengers.

Because of the failures of some 900 guests of the Thomas Cook tour operator brands Thomas Cook, Neckermann Reisen, Bucher Last Minute and Öger Tours in various holiday stuck areas, such as Thomas Cook announced. To transport all the guests from the Canary Islands and from Greece back to Germany, to organize the company in the short term, eight additional flights, including the group’s own Airline Condor.

Tui do not want to pay compensation

After the massive failure the criticism of the Tui group increases because he wants to not pay compensation to affected passengers. Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU), recommended that aggrieved travelers, claims for damages in the holiday flyer and register. He could advise all customers to make their legal claims, said the CSU politician on the sidelines of the conference of Ministers of transport in Stuttgart. Tui claiming force majeure and does not want to compensate those Affected.

In the Video: There is only now! What’s really behind the mutiny at Tuifly

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