Sunday, October 9, 2016

Good news: TUIfly-Chaos: Sunday lift again –

Cologne/Düsseldorf -

The holiday airline TUIfly, almost all of the flights were also on this Saturday. In total, 118 flights had been cancelled, said a spokesman for the Airline. With a chartered aircraft, at least guests from the holiday areas have been brought back.

TUIfly work “, starting on Sunday again for a full flight program,” said the airline. Would probably then start again 115 flights.

the prerequisite for this is that many of the Crews reported back to the service.

After it became known that TUIfly will be integrated into a new umbrella holding company, under the leadership of Etihad, had discovered many of the crews sick. Allegedly, a “wildcat strike”.

Background: representatives of workers feared Job losses and criticized to imprecise information.

Since then, it comes to flight cancellations and delays. Was affected in the past few days, Air Berlin, because a third of the TUIfly fleet is flying and Crews for the Berlin.

On Friday evening, the TUI group relented and met the demands of the workers with a minimum of three years of location and tariff guarantee.

it was Also postponed a decision on the proposed reorganization to mid-November, in order to give more time to the search for viable alternative proposals.

The problems with TUIfly will continue to lead to flight disruptions, in the case of Air Berlin. On Saturday, the Berlin-based 23 of 78 flights, which are actually provided by TUIfly for Air Berlin strokes.

The rest of the flights, securing the company with the help of other airlines, and with Crews, the volunteer special layers are suitable, such as, a spokeswoman said. On Sunday they had no information.

At the Cologne airport in the evening, once again, four of the six TUIfly flights have been cancelled, in the case of Air Berlin, there were eleven of 32.


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