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The supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann is now, but prior to the smashing – daily mirror

Shortly before the expiry of the self-imposed deadline on Monday to smash the rescue efforts for the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann. “The discussions about the future of Kaiser’s Tengelmann have failed”, said the Rewe CEO Alain Caparros on Thursday evening. The owner of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Karl-Erivan Haub, announced that it is to begin with the individual recovery. For many of the approximately 15,000 employees, will be with the loss of jobs connected to said Haub on Thursday evening. “Unfortunately, we have to assume that for many branches, not a supermarket operator can be found,” said the head of the company. Haub announced a “comprehensive social plan negotiations”. Already in the coming week Haub for the branch network of the North Rhine and the meat plants in Viersen, Donauwörth and Perwenitz wants expressions of Interest in the market to obtain. With the sale of the branches in Munich and Berlin time should be delayed began. In Berlin 5300 people for the supermarket chain.

a week ago, a lot of promises

a week ago, Haub, Caparros, Markant-chief Franz-Friedrich Müller, Norma-chief Gerd Köber and Edeka CEO Markus Mosa had on one of Verdi-mediated crisis promised to make to want a solution for Kaiser’s Tengelmann. This man wanted to have until the next Monday found. But now the table seems to be cloth final cut.

Rewe, and Edeka were covered on Thursday with mutual debt allegations. “It is the impression that Rewe was not interested in any solution within the framework of the Ministerial approval,” it said in a Edeka-communication. “There have been no serious, verifiable and legally implementable on offer in Rewe for a constructive solution”, said Caparros its counterparty Edeka and Tengelmann.

New in Trouble with the Federal cartel office

Rewe avoid it was gone from the beginning, therefore, its branch network to extend. Severance payments as they were about to come for the services company, Substantially in question were for the second-largest German food retailers unattractive. In the industry you can understand this: “In the trade, the currency store is,” said one industry insider to the daily mirror. Rewe is upholstered also in a good position financially, and thus not to short-term financial instructed syringes. The Problem: to find A legally sound solution that is in the intractable conflict is not easy. Because the Minister permit only allows the sale of individual stores, with the consent of Verdi, but not the separation of entire regions. A reorganization that does not happen on the basis of the Ministerial approval, would, however, again summoned the German Federal cartel office on the Plan. “The Federal cartel office will examine in great detail whether or Edeka or Rewe are allowed to take on specific branches of Kaiser’s Tengelmann,” said antitrust law expert Daniel room to the daily mirror. Especially in attractive regions such as Berlin, where the Emperor's still has more than 120 branches, and Munich, the transfer of stores by Edeka and the industry second, Rewe would be difficult. The antitrust law expert, had managed to spring the monopoly Commission, was then kicked back in Protest against the Ministerial approval of the Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). “For a review by the competition authority, we would have to beat at least a further six months with an uncertain outcome Vera,” Haub to bear in mind. Such a long time the Emperor could not stand’s Tengelmann.

Edeka want to pay 270 million euros

For two years, Haub wants to sell his company to market leader Edeka, including the company’s headquarters in Mülheim and the meat plants, (Birkenhof). According to daily mirror information Edeka has promised about two years ago for a purchase price of almost 270 million Euro. The Federal cartel office had the Deal with a view on the market Edekas power. Gabriel had allowed the Takeover, although later, with a view to the protection of jobs at Kaiser’s Tengelmann, on an action on the part of Rewe, Norma and Distinctive, the higher regional court of Düsseldorf overturned the permit.

crisis summit failed

Since then, great confusion, fueled by repeated announcements Haubs, to smash his chain. The crisis summit of the supermarket, heads to prevent. However, the conversations were more difficult than I thought. Now, the mutual debt-to-begin assignments. “Edeka was extremely wide concessions to the staff of Kaiser’s Tengelmann now has a secure future,” stresses Edeka. “We have made since two years, is clear that we are both partial as well as total solutions,” replies Rewe CEO Caparros. According to daily mirror information on Edeka and Tengelmann to have insisted that Rewe, Norma and Significantly raise their complaints against the Ministerial approval before negotiating compensations, such as a redistribution of the outlets -. It did not want to engage in Rewe. In the case of Rewe it is believed that Edeka chief Mosa has now got cold feet. “For me it is clear: Edeka and Kaiser’s Tengelmann are determined in the purchase contract,” says Caparros. Thus, Edeka around would be the expensive requirements from the Prime Minister’s permission. In collective agreements with Verdi has been agreed at the behest of the Minister that for five years, some 15,600 at Kaiser’s Tengelmann will remain in fixed-term employment contracts are converted into permanent contracts. However, the conditions are different today than two years ago: Every second Shop is in deficit, the chain writes red Numbers, the purchase prices of Kaiser’s Tengelmann are around ten to 15 per cent above those of the competitors, many employees have left the company already, the number of stores is constantly decreasing.

Karstadt-mother of Signa is supposed to have made an offer

For the workers to re-nail-biter. It comes to a single recovery, is likely to Edeka to take a part of the branches, the Rest could go to a third party. Migros is said to have interest in stores in Bavaria, according to industry sources, would be very interested in Karstadt-owner Signa for Kaiser’s Tengelmann stores. Supposedly Signa CEO René Benko, has already made an offer. Although a spokesman for the company pointed out that market rumors are not basically animals. Signa and Karstadt have significant expertise in the food trade. Karstadt CEO Stephan Fanderl comes from Rewe, Signa-the Board of management Dieter Berninghaus was at Metro, Migros, and also at Rewe. In the Karstadt stores of the food Department of the Perfetto is operated, the Karstadt 75 per cent and Rewe will hold 25 per cent.


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