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EXPRESS – owner announces the break-up of Kaiser’s Tengelmann for next week – Sü


  • Karl-Erivan Haub, the owner of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, will inform this Friday the employee that the supermarket chain is shattered by the coming week.
  • for Saturday’s scheduled Meeting had become “obsolete”. There

Because the companies are not able to some chefs, is now threatening the break-up of Kaiser’s Tengelmann. Shortly before the expiry of a second deadline of next Monday, the company heads of Rewe, Edeka, Norma, and Kaiser’s are divided Tengelmann hopelessly.

for this Saturday anberaumter appointment between the business leaders to Shine. In an E-Mail last Tuesday, the süddeutsche Zeitung, says Alain Caparros, the chief of the supermarket chain Rewe, his participation in this Saturday’s scheduled Meeting.

Desired solution “not feasible,”

“The state of things today is so that I can’t predict a participation on Saturday is scheduled to Meet.” This Mail-addressed Caparros to all concerned business leaders and the head of the Verdi Union, Frank Bsirske. Verdi is the Initiator of the Meeting, and has significant interest in the receipt of the officially still about 15 500 jobs at Kaiser’s Tengelmann.

But for the receipt it looks bad. According to the SZ, Karl-Erivan Haub, the owner of Kaiser’s Tengelmann wrote on Thursday in an email to Bsirske, that he wanted to start in the coming week with the smashing of the chain. “This is one I will inform my staff on Friday at noon.”

the reason for this was that at the last Meeting of the business leaders targeted “solution is feasible”. On Thursday of last week, the company bosses had agreed to find an amicable solution.

The man who is not elect can be held

Tengelmann-Chef Haub has long to many unprofitable supermarkets. His Procrastination has a long Tradition. By Michael Kläsgen more …

It was, specifically, the allocation of the purchase price for Kaiser’s Tengelmann between Rewe, Norma and Edeka. With Edeka, Kaiser had closed it two years ago, a purchase contract, estimated at 250 million euros at the time for 451 super markets. At the last Meeting, the company negotiated heads about how the purchase price could be Pittet and whether Rewe and the Discounter Norma from Fürth to receive either cash or stores should be. The prerequisite was that you pull up but first your complaint before the higher regional court of Düsseldorf. With this complaint, which was granted, blocking the completion of the merger of Kaiser’s Tengelmann and Edeka. The Markant AG from Switzerland is one of the Complainants. This is a service processor for retail companies. Haub had in mind, the three companies, the complaint buy. Striking would have been reported to agree with it.

Rewe and Norma are interested in branches. “Money, Rewe”, says an Insider. “The group certainly has enough”. Rewe was particularly interested in super-markets in Munich and in upper Bavaria, where the supermarket chain Edeka is the market leader. At 6.10. to be fell apart, the parties Involved with the Agreement to negotiate “package solutions”. According to the Motto: an attractive store in Bad Tölz against the loss-making meat processing plant in Viersen. So Haub would be a loss-maker to go and Rewe would have secured lucrative locations.

But the branch sale was quickly discarded again, because he would have been too time-consuming. The Bundeskartellamt had to examine the Acquisition. It more weeks or months would have gone into the country. This time Haub has by his own admission. His supermarket chain, Kaiser’s Tengelmann each month makes ten million Euro loss.

Only an extremely short-term planned Meeting could bring a viable solution

Shortly before the end of the Haub for next Monday scheduled Deadline, the Participating to push the blame. Only a extremely short-term planned Meeting could bring a viable solution. Bsirske would have to get the parties, surprisingly, within the shortest time but still to a table and then this would have some suddenly.

and Then saw it on late Thursday afternoon. However, the fact that the personal animosity between the actors once again have tightened. Haub and feel of Caparros taken advantage of. He accuses him of a “wrecking tactic”. Caparros have always made a promise that not he would comply because they were legally enforceable. Rewe should be angry according to insiders, however, because Edeka and Haub had been after the last “elephant round” not ready to talk. With a five-member Team Rewe have been last weekend, around the clock.

But to run a Meeting at the working level on Monday largely inconclusive, because the representatives of Edeka blocked primarily by the discussions and internal consultations. Edeka is interested in truth, to a smashing, because it is more cost-effective. A compromise seems hardly possible.

Tengelmann Employees can

The heads of Edeka, Rewe, Tengelmann, Norma, and Distinctive for its second emergency meeting on a compromise agreed. more …


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