Thursday, October 6, 2016

Supermarkets breakthrough at Tengelmann-rescue – Sü

Rewe is the resistance to the merger of Tengelmann, and Edeka, and should be compensated for this. The Jobs of over 15 000 employees are well-secured.

A day before the expiry of the self-imposed deadline, Tengelmann’s owner, Karl-Erivan Haub of a solution for the sale its still a good 400 super markets is a bit closer to it. At a crisis meeting on Thursday, the companies involved and the trade Union Verdi agreed that the actions of Rewe, Norma and Markedly withdrawn. The communication, the Verdi on Thursday evening sent. Verdi had initiated the two top meeting of the heads of companies that were under the strictest secrecy, held in Frankfurt.

The three companies had lodged before the higher regional court in Düsseldorf against the merger of Kaiser’s Tengelmann and Edeka. Since then, the Fusion is on the ice. If the claims are withdrawn, it provides for the agreement to be consummated the merger, as planned, between Kaiser’s Tengelmann and Edeka.

two years Ago, had joined the Emperor’s Tengel-mann and Edeka a contract of sale. The cartel office said, but go together. Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) approved the merger in March of this year, however, under the pad, to get all the jobs and collective agreements. These terms and conditions are to be complied with for the planned Takeover. The 15 000 jobs would be saved for five years. The company agreed, to 17. To October, an amicable agreement can be reached. All sides had silence up to the age of 18. October agreed upon, shared with Verdi.

wants Why Tengelmann to sell its supermarkets to Edeka

Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub wants to lead the company into the Internet age. However, the necessary sales of supermarkets is still questionable. And now? By Varinia Bernau more …

Rewe, Norma and Striking are likely to hope for the said, up to this date, nor to compensation for their concessions. Tengelmann and Edeka could you transfer according to information provided by insiders, an amount of money, so they withdraw their action. The Federal cartel office would have, according to the experts, however, no hand. It was nothing to complain about, because it was an agreement between private companies, said the process is Familiar. The procedure would be similar to an out-of-court settlement. Competition concerns, it will not give on the part of the cartel office.

The Hear after may belong to the agreement that Edeka in turn initiates any legal action, if Rewe in the North of Germany, Coop Kiel. So far, Rewe and Coop Kiel were only connected via a purchasing cooperative. At the end of June, the cooperative representatives from Coop Kiel decided, however, the entry of Rewe agree. The cartel office signalled in this Fusion its consent.

If it should actually come to the withdrawal of the complaints before the Düsseldorf higher regional court, the appointment to the Federal court in mid-November to have lapsed. The Supreme court wanted to at 15. November to decide whether he will examine the merger of Kaiser’s Tengelmann and Edeka.

The Edeka-Tengelmann-Fusion is an embarrassment for all Involved

The sale of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Edeka is stopped. Sigmar Gabriel is said to have organized during the procedure “a secret meeting”. Now the elimination of Thousands of Jobs have been threatened. By Varinia Bernau, Michael Kläsgen and Michael belly müller more …


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