Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kaiser’s Tengelmann, summit achieved a breakthrough for the supermarket chain – THE WORLD

Dit’s Poker, the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann is completed after two years of provisional. At the summit of the dispute over Kaiser’s participating retail chains with a breakthrough had been reached to meet, with shared Tengelmann and the trade Union Verdi on Thursday evening. However, it is apparently an agreement in principle, the detailed negotiations still have to follow.

The Initiative for the “round table” of Ver.di is assumed. At the Meeting, both Edeka CEO Markus Mosa and Tengelmann-holder Karl-Erivan Haub, as well as Rewe chief Alain Caparros took part. Also, the Chairman of the trade chain, Norma, Gerd Köber, as well as Distinctive-Manager Franz-Friedrich Müller sat at the table. Rewe, Norma and Markedly have indicated their willingness, their complaints against the Ministerial approval for the Takeover of Kaiser’s Tengelmann by Edeka, under certain conditions, to withdraw. “The parties have agreed on the objective of the Ministerial approval, can be implemented after the withdrawal of the pending complaints,” – said in the text of the same messages from Tengelmann and Ver.di.

in order To open in the first place, in what Form, Rewe, Norma and Striking in return for a possible withdrawal of the Claim is compensated. It would be conceivable, for example, that Edeka and Tengelmann voluntarily waive the full implementation of the Ministerial approval, and branches, under certain conditions, to the plaintiff, or that a pre-agreement after the formal completion of the Ministerial approval is made.

One of the most controversial takeover procedure of the post-war history

Until the 17th century. October 2016 is to be found a mutually acceptable agreement, said.di. The Union’s Chairman, Frank Bsirke and Board member Stefanie use Berger had accompanied the negotiations. The approximately 15,000 employees of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, should now breathe a sigh of relief. The Meeting took place just 24 hours before the expiration of Haub provided an ultimatum for the dismantling of the heavily loss-making supermarket chain. Almost to the day exactly two years previously, Haub announced the complete sale at Edeka, which has not materialised until today.

Instead, the case was one of the most controversial takeover procedures in the post-war German. Many see it as a teaching piece for the competition law, the question of the meaningfulness of the instrument of the Ministerial approval, raises. By the agreement at the last Minute can be expected to remain more jobs, as in the case of a single realisation of the Kaiser’s parts, such as the three regional branch networks in the Metropolitan areas of Rhine/Ruhr, Munich, and Berlin.

Haub announced a liquidation in the event that the completion of the Ministerial approval for the complete sale of its 450 supermarkets, the market leader Edeka continues to court remains blocked. Works councils and trade unions had made in the context of the negotiations with a series of publicly available operating assemblies pressure. Rallies there were in front of the Emperor's Central warehouse in the Rhine Viersen, as well as in Berlin and Munich. At the meeting in Viersen is a large poster on the speaker’s podium emblazoned on Wednesday afternoon: “We ask, Rewe, Norma, Distinctive that you withdraw your complaint in favor of the KT employees.”

emotional roller coaster

The employees have been in the last few months through a rollercoaster of emotions. “We hope that happens here, anything Positive that our jobs remain intact,” said a saleswoman on Wednesday in Viersen, “the hope dies last.” Also, the works Council, Hubert Hollstein made since the fall of 2014 continued to create Back-and-Forth: sale at Edeka, the prohibition by the German cartel office, the Minister’s permission, the Blockade of the Ministerial approval. “For two years, and every day is driven another Pig through the village,” said Hollstein. “Man has hope, and then the fear comes back.”

Emperor's boss Raimund Luig had spread to the operating Assembly in the Rhineland cautious hope for a new trial start-up and at the same time gloomy prospects for the event of the failure drawn. “We have more and more difficulties in operating business,” he said. The staffing in the purchasing and IT departments was already thin. The loss of the Emperor's now exceed Haubs pain threshold. The speech is of a high single-digit million Euro amount per month. For the most lucrative working branches to the Company’s focus in Munich and Berlin, there are Reportedly several interested parties. Without the agreement took place on the finishing straight would have for the employees in the stores, warehouse and the company’s own meat plant in the North Rhine Region, however, little prospect of receiving their Jobs existed.


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