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Supermarket chain Tengelmann: thousands of hope to the chief of the competitors – Sü

there Is last-Minute but still a Chance? To the chief of Rewe, the preservation of the jobs of Kaiser’s Tengelmann.

Markus Balser, Michael Kläsgen and Kristiana Ludwig

Between two shelves, in a neon-lit supermarket under the earth, Marianne Steiner fails with the flat of his Hand on a stack of cardboard boxes. “That was it,” she says. Since Thursday evening, Steiner knows that you and your colleagues at Kaiser’s Tengelmann will have to reckon with the “loss of their jobs”. Steiner’s hair is rasp short and grey, she wears a gold chain over-the-Tengelmann-T-Shirt. She is 60 years old and don’t want to read your real name in the newspaper.

In April, will have 30 years in Berlin, Tengelmann stores worked. While you are celebrating your anniversary, so it looks, Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub smash the company. The negotiations about the rescue of the chain and all the jobs with the competitors Edeka, Markant, Norma, Rewe, as well as the trade Union Verdi were declared on Thursday evening by the company as a failure. Steiner is frustrated. “Which has nothing to do with us, the employees, but only about the money,” she says.


One would have to just take a cheque, maybe three-digit million sum of insertion, in order to give peace at last, and so thousands of jobs could save the Rewe boss Alain Caparros, a Frenchman with a German passport. And, as you can hear, no easy beratbarer or predictable time comrade. On him all glances: the many employees, but also of all other Stakeholders, are now in the process that has been dragging on now for more than two years.

In the endless Haggling, he is now suddenly as a villain, although he always emphasized that to be on the side of the employees. However, since Thursday evening, as the Failure was officially announced, it looks as if he was the one who would be responsible for the break-up of Kaiser’s Tengelmann and, hence, for the loss of it is estimated that up to 8000 Jobs. Verdi chief Frank Bsirske turned on, therefore, once again, personally. On Friday, he urged him to accept the cheque and then the complaint before the higher regional court (OLG) in Düsseldorf to withdraw.

From the villain to the lucky hero

Yes, the trade unionists Bsirske told Caparros to the complaint to buy. With the blocking of the Rewe-in-chief since mid-July, the merger between the Kaiser’s Tengelmann and Edeka, the arch-rival of Rewe. And it prevents the receipt of all remaining officially, there are about 16 000 jobs. The would be secured for at least five years, because Edeka is not required by Ministerial approval, with the employees in a collective bargaining touch contracts in this period.

Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-Chef expects the loss of “many jobs”

so Far, it looked good for the supermarket chain, a solution was in sight. But now the owner Haub next week will begin with the destruction of his company. By Michael Kläsgen more …

The other plaintiffs before the court of appeal, the Discounter Norma, and the settlement office, Significantly, would be content with Cash. Why does Caparros so hard? Where else but his heart is supposed to be so for the employees? In the domstrasse of Cologne, the seat of the Rewe-Zentrale at the Central station, it was on Friday. Board of Directors meeting. What to do? Would it not be delightful to collect a three-digit million amount, without doing much for it? How can you drive the price even higher? And Rewe not would be at the end as the Savior of the jobs? In short: Could we turn the leaf, and Caparros from the villain to the lucky hero mutate? And so it came about that Caparros declared himself on Friday afternoon in an Interview with the news Agency of Reuters but a “last attempt to reach an agreement”. He wanted to participate in a further round of Negotiations.

German economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had edited Caparros previously, to give a jerk. Hard as it may be to accept a cheque. The Minister then asked in the Berlin SPD Headquarters and reported it. He stressed, try something in the dramatic rescue on the game. “It would be shocking if we were not able to save 16 000 jobs in the game.” It is a matter of people, not earned much money. The social market economy must now show that she is capable of doing to help these people. Apparently, Gabriel still sees chances for an agreement by the deadline next Monday. It will stay through the weekend.

marriage Gabriel Caparros called, he had agreed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Also the is so involved now in the case. Then Gabriel took not only Caparros, but also all other Parties by telephone to prayer. “I appealed to find a solution.” Gabriel brought a Mediator into the game, as it had also done Caparros, and not from the castle, to take on himself the role of mediator. “Who’s going to make, but the Involved rules,” he said.


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