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Kaiser’s Tengelmann: given now, Sigmar Gabriel? – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

According to the preliminary Failure of the negotiations on the future of the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann wants to win the Rewe CEO Alain Caparros Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) as an intermediary. “If there is to be in this complicated Situation, a solution, a Mediator with authority and competence of the negotiations. This could be, for example, Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel," he said. A response from Tengelmann, the owner of Karl-Erivan Haub and Edeka CEO Markus Mosa was a long time coming. Haub had previously signaled in a Letter to the workforce, that there is still a “small window of time” for a compromise, a smashing avert. In the first step,

Helmut Bünder author: Helmut Bünder, economic correspondent in Düsseldorf.

He did win the Chairman of the trade Union Verdi, Frank Bsirske, asked, Haub and the Tengelmann for further negotiations under the guidance of a mediator, so Caparros. The trade Union has not given up hope yet. “We still think that the talks are coming to an end”, said a Verdi-spokeswoman. It was Bsirske, who had initiated the talks between Haub and Mosa as well as the competitors, Rewe, Markant and Norma on the other side. The goal was to move the competitor to your complaint against the Ministerial approval for the complete sales to Edeka and pull back. On Thursday evening, the company announced the termination of the negotiations. Without a total solution Haub wants to sell the chain, with its nearly 450 stores in individual packages. Caparros renewed his own offer of purchase for the entire chain, including administration, logistics, warehouses and meat plants. A spokeswoman for Kaiser’s Tengelmann rejected the offer on Friday as “frivolous”, because Rewe will get no share of the cartel office.

42855327 Rewe boss Alain Caparros proposes Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel as an intermediary in the Adoption dispute.

“In contrast to Edeka, we maintain a constructive relationship with the cartel office. We get such a Deal with smaller pads in four months," countered the Rewe-in-chief in an interview with F. A. Z., Therefore, he was even willing, for all of antitrust risks and to take in this time, the ongoing losses of the supermarket chain. A financial settlement Rewe rejects, it is “a strategic step”. The Cologne want to secure itself a majority of Kaiser’s Tengelmann stores. Their focus is primarily on Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia. “If want to strengthen Edeka in Munich and in Bavaria, was in need of Rewe more of a presence in Berlin,” said Caparros. The chain should be broken, and will apply to Rewe on each package. “Even with the voluntary commitment to comply with social requirements of the Ministerial approval”.

While Edeka and Tengelmann, Cologne as responsible for economic Failure, suspected Caparros, both trading companies, in reality, no longer interested in a total solution with the receipt of the jobs. “You notice that the Minister of the permit is too expensive for you.” So So many employees of the Emperor's had, in the meantime leaving Tengelmann, that 1000 new people would have to be adjusted to meet the conditions of the Ministerial approval. “I’m afraid that the jobs Mr. Haub of interest. The mask will fall when he realized his Plan B is." As a potential buyer, the Austrian Signa-group, are allegedly, the Karstadt belongs to, as well as the Swiss Migros. Also, Norma has more interest.

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At the first crisis summit in Frankfurt on Thursday last week had Edeka and Rewe agreed in principle on a division of branches. Norma and Striking should be compensated with a combination of compensatory payments and branches. In the following days, it was a question of how, Rewe would be in line with a share of the purchase price for Tengelmann. To do this, Tengelmann and Edeka should have detailed information on the table, to the individual branches rate. So far it has not come, apparently. The difficulties began already with respect to the amount of the purchase price. And social conditions, the value of the Tengelmann-group greatly reduced: industry experts estimate the additional costs up to 150 million euros. The two years ago, between Edeka and Tengelmann originally agreed sum should have been corrected downwards. In addition, the talks were burdened by the in the meantime, call Edeka a “sales compensation” of 250 million euros for the Berlin-to be dispensed Tengelmann markets.

last Tuesday Caparros moved its commitment for a first, on Saturday, scheduled another tip back temporarily take. On a technical level, the negotiations continued, not least over the question of how the reallocation of branches of law handled safely. For all Parties was out of the question, that you would not come to a further examination by the Federal cartel office in the past. At this point, Haub of patience seems to be the thread ripped. “For a re-examination by the competition authority, we would have to beat at least a further six months with an uncertain outcome Vera – time, can no longer stand by the company Kaiser’s Tengelmann,” explained Haub, the Failure of the negotiations.


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